7 Must-read books for every programmer

7 Must-read books for every programmer


Last week we discussed about the 7 must-read books for anyone interested in advertising. Today, we will see the 7 books that a person who is interested in coding must read.

  1. tppThe Pragmatic Programmer: A must-read. This is book by Andrew Hunt and David Thomas is all about software engineering. The book contains 46 tips for software professionals that are very important for a programmer. This book contains tips that will help you strengthen your programming skills and help you do amazingly well in your IT career.
  2. Martin_MECH.qxdClean Code: In clean code, Robert Cecil Martin shares tips and examples on how to create better code. Clean code is all about how to writing your code efficiently so that it becomes easy for your co-workers to read and understand it. It is advised to read this book before starting your IT job to become a better professional programmer.
  3. cover-bigCoders at work: Coders at work by Peter Seibel is based upon interview with all-time great programmers and computer scientists. Through this book you will get to learn what great programmers and scientist think of the future of programming, learn new concepts and practice the programming skills and technique.
  4. the-clean-coder-coverClean Coder: Clean coder by Robert Cecil Martin is often considered the second part of clean code. The first part teaches you how to create better code whereas this part teaches you how to become a better professional developer. As the taglines rightly says, ‘A code of conduct for professional programmers’ the book successfully provides tips on how to become a better professional coder. In this book you will learn how and when to say Yes and No which is one of the best lesson that this book teaches you.
  5. 51sZW87slRL._SX258_BO1,204,203,200_Domain Driven Design: Eric Evans in his book has done an amazing job in helping the reader understand how to reduce the complexity of programming. The domain knowledge is very important if you want to become a better programmer. An experienced developer would understand how valuable it is to have in-depth knowledge of a particular domain. It is the right combination of domain knowledge and programming that makes a programmer tick.
  6. 9780321356680Effective Java: If you haven’t read this book then your understanding of Java API is incomplete. This book by Joshua Bloch helps you in deeper understanding of Java so that you can write code that is clean, clear, correct and reusable. If you are a Java developer and have not read this book, then wait no more.
  7. 71T0PJT2F1LThe design of everyday things: This book by Donald A. Norman is a book that must be read by everyone who is interested in programming. An oldie but a very useful one. This book teaches you how design can serve as the communication between product and user. You will have a deeper understanding of everything around programming after reading this book.

If you want to excel and make a mark in the IT industry then read these books today!

Which book do you think is the most effective one for coders?