Is There A Way To Assess Your AMCAT Preparation?

Is There A Way To Assess Your AMCAT Preparation?


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You have scheduled your AMCAT exam, and you feel you are ready to take the exam. But you have a feeling that your AMCAT preparation is not complete and you wish there is a way to take an exam preparation assessment and ensure you are entirely prepared.

Now you wonder how can you do that!? Is there a way to assess your amcat preparation?

You are lucky because there is, indeed, a way to test your AMCAT preparation and that is the PrepAMCAT. That is the first step towards the assessment and based the results of which, you can tweak your AMCAT preparation for the best results.

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Here is a basic understanding of the PrepAMCAT

– The PrepAMCAT is a mock test just like the actual adaptive AMCAT with the same modules, kind of questions, and marking system.

– It is conducted over 3 hours just like the actual AMCAT and is given at a centre so that you can simulate your entire experience of taking the AMCAT.

– You will get your results on the same day as the PrepAMCAT so that you do not waste any time in using the results to analyse your AMCAT preparation

Here is how to go ahead with your AMCAT exam preparation assessment –

Sign up for the PrepAMCAT – You should give at least a month’s gap between the PrepAMCAT and the actual AMCAT. However, a gap of two months is ideal as you will get enough time to rework your AMCAT preparation strategy and improve your scores. Once you register for the mock tests, you can use up your credits within a month, so don’t waste any time. Prepare a schedule for the exams accordingly.

Prepare for the PrepAMCAT – The mock tests are a simulation of the process you would go through for the actual AMCAT which means you have the opportunity to prepare for everything the same you would for the exam. Figure out your transport, get your sleep schedule in place, and generally do everything you would do on the day of your exam. This will ensure you smooth out any issues on the day of your actual AMCAT exam.

Analyze your PrepAMCAT scores – You will get a detailed score sheet within 2 hours of you writing the exam. Time is of the essence, especially if you are a working professional and you want to give the best of your time for the AMCAT preparation. Check which modules you scored well and in which you lagged. You may be spending too much preparing for a module but are not getting the same input in marks. Change your strategy or seek help from your friends or teachers in specific modules. Good AMCAT scores increase your chances of getting selected by companies.

Change your AMCAT preparation – It is time to do the hard work now. Once you are done with the basic exam preparation assessment based on the PrepAMCAT scores, it is time to put it into action. The only module that you cannot work upon in the psychometric evaluation, everything else can be improved upon. If you have done the scheduling right, you will have at least 4 weeks or weekends left to your AMCAT. Use the time well and practice the modules you need to rework on.




The AMCAT preparation is just unlike any other aptitude test. You need to practice as much as possible to do well in modules like English, Quantitative Ability, Logical Ability, and Information Gathering and Synthesis.

The AMCAT website also has a set of sample papers which will give you an idea of the actual AMCAT papers. Ensure you have covered the entire amcat syllabus and solved all the sample papers before heading into the exam.

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