What Is The Right Time To Start Preparing For AMCAT Exam

What Is The Right Time To Start Preparing For AMCAT Exam


AMCAT exam

In this fiercely competitive corporate world, you need more than just your academic scores to make a mark on the recruiter. You need something more to tell the recruiter how polished your skills are and your readiness to face challenges in the corporate world. That is where the AMCAT exam comes in the picture, it is an employability exam which assesses you on your expertise rather than on your theoretical knowledge.

However, to get the best exclusive opportunities, you need to get a good AMCAT score across all the modules. And for that, you need to prepare well for the exam.

What is the right time to prepare for the AMCAT exam?

You can give the AMCAT exam whenever you want. However, if you are a student then it is better if you start preparing for the AMCAT exam in the last year of your college. The reason being that a year gives you sufficient time to prepare for the exam. Moreover, you will also get enough time to re-attempt the exam in case you are not able to get a good AMCAT score.

And, if you are an experienced candidate then you can give the AMCAT exam during your job to get the better work opportunity as AMCAT will give a boost to your career.

Now, comes the question of how to prepare for the AMCAT exam. Here, are a handful of tips you to make your preparation a success.

AMCAT preparation tips

AMCAT helps you quantify your abilities, so having a high score in both the compulsory and optional modules will help you gain an edge over the other candidates.

AMCAT Exam Syllabus

Before starting your preparation, make sure you know the syllabus of all the modules, both compulsory and optional. Knowing the syllabus will help you understand the areas where you need to give extra attention.

In addition to that, go through the syllabus before choosing the domain-related modules as it will help you make the right choice. This will help you in making an intelligent choice

Practice Makes You Perfect

No matter which exam you are taking, it is important that you give your best. Moreover, with consistency and hard work, you can achieve anything. To prepare for your AMCAT exam there are sample question papers available online which can help you take your preparation up by a notch.

In addition to that, you can also take help of PrepAMCAT. PrepAMCAT is a simulated version of the actual exam. It will show you the actual picture of where you stand.

Efficiently utilize these preparation materials and targetting your weaker section can help you make significant progress in your AMCAT preparation.

Day Before The Exam

The 24 hours before the exam are crucial. Hence, you should utilize it efficiently. You should plan your day, revise all the important topics and book your means of transportation in advance.

You should go out for evening walks to calm your anxiety or order your favourite meal to soothe your nerves. This will help you the confidence to face the exam and help you avoid overthinking.


To get the best IT and non-IT job opportunities, you need to prepare well for the AMCAT exam to get a good AMCAT score. Start gearing up for the exam as soon as possible to get adequate amount of time to brush up your basics and improve your loopholes.