How Much Your Academic Score Weigh For A High Paying Job

How Much Your Academic Score Weigh For A High Paying Job


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It’s a never-ending debate on whether academic scores matter much in bagging a high paying job. And actually, there’s no fixed answer to this. There is no ‘yes’ and ‘no’ to the question, but it really depends on various aspects and the question; “how much?”

So, how much does your academic score weigh for a high paying job? Let’s first try to understand where these scores can help significantly:

A presentable resume

One of the first things that your resume declares is your academic score of the past years, whether be it school or college. However, your school grades don’t matter much if you have caught up in college, but having a consistency surely is impressive. So, this is what it does, it helps you bring forward a presentable resume and a heads up to the next level.

A high paying job without experience

We are talking about fresher jobs here. If your academic score is best in the lot, you might bag the job because there isn’t much else to compete about in fresher jobs. But that also have implications which we will discuss further.


Excelling in the interview

Not that it helps you handle the interview well, but good scores pretty much means you can handle the theory and course part well.


The other way around…

But then, there are skills vital to recruiters that aren’t reflected in your academic scores. A true career guide tells you that there is much more required to get a high paying job than just a great CGPA. Let’s say, if you put academic scores on side on a weighing scale while the other side is a high paying job, you need to balance it.

Here’s what all you can put up with academic scores to balance out your way to a high paying job:

Soft Skills: There are certain soft skills which makes you a good employee. It includes critical thinking, great communication skills, team working spirit, and others. If you think you excel at these skills, there aren’t many things you can’t overcome.

Meaningful internships: Doing meaningful internships helps you greatly in coping up with your not-so-showy academic scores. Having some practical knowledge in the field is preferred by the employers instead of just going for theory fed candidates. Remember, there’s a long list of people who have struggled their way through mark sheets, but doing well because of other skills.

Gaining experience: Your first job might not be one of your dreams, but if you work hard with perseverance and gain some experience before applying for high-pay jobs, it certainly has a chance there. In fact, you can reach higher on the ladder than you could have with just good grades.

Skill certifications: You need to put it all together to get a good job. And along with experience, they need a proof that you possess the skills required. While soft skills can’t be put on paper easily, you can earn some industry-related skills to show your employers.

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As it can be easily deciphered, having impressive academic scores do help in getting you high paying jobs. But fortunately, there are exceptions.

There are many fresher jobs out there which require you to be smart and capable enough. You just need to focus on the other things which you can serve in lieu of attractive grades.