How to Skyrocket your Preparation for AMCATathon 2022?

How to Skyrocket your Preparation for AMCATathon 2022?


AMCATathon is the largest coding event that is going to test your brain. This year it is twice as challenging and thrice as rewarding.Did you know that participating in coding competitions is a wonderful way to develop as a programmer and get the job of your dreams? Programmers from all around participate in coding competitions that are periodically held by many tech juggernauts. Coders are given the opportunity to solve challenging engineering problems while competing for rewards and cash prizes in coding contests.

A coding contest is something you want to win for sure. Most likely, you’re doing it because you enjoy programming or because you want to work in the field of computer science. Below are the steps with the help of which you can prepare for AMCATathon.

If you haven’t registered till now: Register for AMCATathon 2022 | Largest Coding Event and stand a chance to win prizes worth INR 1,00,000/-

Step 1: Choose a language of your preference (for beginners, C++ or Java are suggested) and get proficient in the basic syntax.

Step 2: After becoming familiar with the fundamentals, one must start focusing on data structures and algorithms. Numerous courses are offered online.

Step 3: Practice questions on various coding platforms which are available online, with the help of which you can prepare and master yourself when it comes to coding.

Step 4: Participate in various coding competitions and challenges, and practice, practice, practice until you become an expert, and start winning the contests.

After the initial attempt, avoid looking at the solution. Give it several tries. After multiple failures, set the issue away and give it another go a few days later. If you still have no luck, look at the answer. This improves your ability to solve problems, which is advantageous when it comes to contests. Never mind your errors, but always consider the causes so that you can avoid them in the future. And lastly, always remember to practice frequently.

What is a programming competition?

You are given a small number of algorithmic tasks to solve, and you must do it as quickly and effectively as you can, considering the time limit which is been given to you. Participating in coding competitions can help you develop your creativity and open your mind to new ideas.

AMCATathon is the largest coding event that is going to test your brain. This year it is twice as challenging and thrice as rewarding as compared to the last time, so do not miss the chance to be a part of it.

  • Now that you have already signed up and have registered for AMCATathon, get ready for the rounds, there will be two i.e., logical reasoning in round one and coding and debugging in round two.
  • The first round will last 25–30 minutes. In this round, the participants need to give a basic logical ability test which comprises of 12 questions. The final round will be open to the participants who will qualify the first stage. Show off your logical skills right now to advance to the next round. A notice stating “Thank you for your participation” will appear on your screen if, for whatever reason, you are unable to advance to round 2.

  Prizes on the stack for the participants

  • Top scorers will win prizes worth INR 100,000/- i.e., the first winner will be getting a VR Headset, the second winner will be getting a LED TV, and the third winner will be getting a Home Theater
  • Top 50 scorers will receive a skill certificate. A coupon code will be given to the winners using which they can select a technical certificate for the AMCAT website like Java, Python, Web Development, etc.
  • Top scorers will get a chance to get job nomination opportunities with leading brands.
  • Top 50 scorers will receive the certificate of participation online, once the event is over.

Lastly, I can only advise you to maintain your concentration without becoming obsessed with it. Take your time, and if you don’t succeed the first time, keep trying; eventually, everything will turn out as you had hoped. Happy coding and good luck until the next time! We will be back soon with the synopsis of our largest coding event! Stay tuned.