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You don’t have to continue to WAIT any longer! You get interview calls within 30 days of taking the AMCAT test!!

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  1. I took the amcat test on august 2016.I got the score and getting job invites from various companies so i applied to all such companies.But i am not getting any interview call.Before taking the test kept full hope on AMCAT but now really upset with it …

  2. I took amcat exam and i got a mail from amcat regarding registration for accenture and it’s been a week I didn’t recieved any calls or mails for accenture interview.

  3. My case is also similar to them.I took amcat exam 6 months later and got good score, since then i’am applying for different electrical companies.Since then,to now i haven’t got a single mail from those applied jobs to appear for the interview.Those jobs are getting expired and just loosing my hope of getting an interview mail.Due to all this i just want to know how people get shortlisted by you people for further rounds.

  4. Dear Sri,

    We can understand how you may feel – we will be looking into a definition of a good score to help you judge how yours holds up against the rest of the bunch. The shortlisting happens not from our end, but from the companies which delve into our database. Some choose a specific geographic location, or give preference to individual section scores, rather than the average score (which might be a great one!). There have also been companies who were looking for candidates from a specific batch (say 2015 or 2017)! We would request you to be patient and keep applying – and have a relook at your sectional break-up.

  5. Will i get accenture interview call only if i belong to same city of interview location or there is chance for other cities candidates also?

  6. sir i am not getting a single call from amcat for any company my score is good but i am not getting asingle call.
    i am applying for accenture but after some time jobs are automatically expired.what i do now?

  7. hello,i got invite from cognizant to apply for it through amcat .does it mean i will get interview call?

  8. I appiled for the job post few days before when i was eligible for it but now it is showing that job is expired. What should i do regarding that job post?

  9. Hey any one ple3 teller that in case if someone is from CS background and instead of selecting programming module he selected any other like finance and marketing.Bt he scores good percentile, then ‘ll be get a call from IT company or not.

  10. Hi Himanshu,

    The expiry date is set by the company as a stop date – after which they process applications. I would request you to remain calm and wait for a call.

  11. I am ECE student from Kolkata, my AMCAT score in English—575,quant—515,logical—695,computer programing—695.What are my chances to get job in Accenture?

  12. Hello sir ,I took amcat and got good score and i have been shortlisted for many companies but iam not getting the interview call letters.

  13. I have wrote my amcat exam on april 4 ,..I applied for accenture on the day of immediately when i recieved the results . today its showing like ‘expired’ ..what does it mean? ..i will not get call from accenture or the application registration has been closed .

  14. I had applied to Accenture and cognizant through my amcat score .how many days should I wait to get a call or mail from them.will I definitely get or not?

  15. Dear Suwathikaa,

    Jobs posted on MyAmcat are for a small duration, which can be either extended (if the company needs more candidates) or even closed early (if they have found enough of them). You may still get a call on these two jobs, if the company is still shortlisting from the set of candidates who have applied for it.

  16. I have applied for Accenture on receiving email from Amcat. The interview locations do not have my city, so I have given another preferred location. To move to that location i will have to make bookings. Can you please tell me the tentative date for the interview.

  17. Hi mam i got the jib invite from cts on may 4th but they still didn’t send me the mail of interview. What should i do now?

  18. I took the amcat test on march 2017.i got good score and i applied to Accenture and cognizant.But i am not getting any interview call.Before taking the test i kept full hope on AMCAT but now really upset with it.

  19. I am from 2013-2017 batch. I recently took amcat and my sectional percentile is Eng: 99.1, Quant: 98.6, Logical: 83, Computer Programming: 85, Computer Science: 76. What are my chances of getting shortlisted by an IT company? And can you tell me when more companies for 2017 pass out will start hiring?

  20. Dear Shiv,

    IT jobs for 2017 graduates are available in our jobs section. We’ve recently explored score cut-offs on our blog – so you can go and compare your overall scores there!

  21. Hi Prasannarasiraju,

    We have recently looked at AMCAT scores and company cut-offs on our blog. I would urge you to go through it before looking at your chances with these companies.

  22. I wrote test on 22nd April 2017 getting several job invitations but yet to get a single interview call
    I got invitation from your Aspiring minds also how couldn’t i get interview call from your own company?

  23. I have taken my AMCAT in 2014 when I m in my final year B.Tech. And my session has expired last year. Now i am in my final year M.Tech can i rewrite the exam for betterment with the same AMCAT ID in order to get a good score without renewal or is there any necessity to register again?

  24. Pls share your AMCAT ID. And go through your own AMCAT scores – are they above the minimum marks level (check our piece on What’s an AMCAT good score).

  25. what will happen if, after confirming interview calls at amcat , i am unable to attend it?

  26. Hi,
    I have taken AMCAT n got a good score. Thereafter I have started applying for jobs. Till now, all the jobs I have applied is shown in applied history, one offer was shown in invited history. What does “invited” mean?

  27. I took the Amcat(second time) a few days ago. Scores: English- 85.3 Quant- 79.6 Logic- 93.1 Computer Prog – 99.8 Computer Science- 83.1. I have not got shortlisted by any companies so far. Instead getting shortlisted for very few in my old profile (containing prev amcat scores). What does this mean?

  28. Hi Sohini,

    As you have already shared, it has been just a few days since you took the AMCAT Test for the second time. It takes time for the calls to begin (in fact we have heard from some candidates that they had to wait for at least a month for them). We request you to be a little patient till then.
    Meanwhile, our support team is also going through your case of jobs on the old profile vs the new one.

  29. I took the AMCAT on 16th July 2017 and got a good AMCAT result on 17th July 2017.
    Here are my percentiles:
    ENGLISH: 99.9
    Quantitative Ability: 98.7
    Logical Ability: 95.8
    Computer Programming: 92.3
    Since then, I got job invites from many companies in which I have applied but haven’t received a single interview call or any email from those companies till yet. Now I am feeling I have simply wasted my money by giving this exam.

  30. Hi Deepanshu,

    We request you to be patient. Sometimes, it can take upto a month or two for the results to translate into company interviews, due to external factors – lesser jobs on the horizon or companies evaluating a larger set of candidates. We have, in the meantime, communicated your response to our technical support team.

  31. I have given AMCAT on March , now I again gave on 23 July to score more than previous .Now I want to know which score will be sent to the recruiters and which AMCAT ID I have to fill while applying for any drives(Accenture and MindTree specifically)as both tests have their own individual AMCAT ID.

  32. I took the amcat test on August 2017, my score was good but still now haven’t received a single interview call yet. I have applied to the jobs but of no use. Even I tried to contact but there was no reply either. Highly disappointed with AMCAT. I don’t think I should recommend AMCAT to anyone.

  33. I got shortlisted for cognizant interview,i got a text message to my mobile that “Confirm your participation by logging in to”,but when i try to open it’s showing the oppurtunities,not the confirnation link,how to do confirmation,please let me know

  34. Hello sir/ mam
    I am 2015 pass out and i have scored good marks in amcat now i am confused wether i will get call or not .please asure me ?

  35. Hi,
    This is priya. My amcat score is 2400 out of 3600.I got this in my first attempt. Is this a good score? In which kind of companies will I get job offers? Is this score good one or should I try again? I have many qstns revolving in my head. So please kindly clear my confusion.
    Thank you

  36. I have applied for cognizant.. and now the job is expired without getting an an interview call.
    What does that mean?

  37. Hi Meghanaa,

    It could mean multiple things:
    1. The time limit for the vacancy has run out.
    2. The recruiter has closed the requirement – they have closed the vacancy (either fulfilled or put on hold)
    3. Your application reached them after their decision to close the position
    4. Your application was screened and rejected.

    We request you to remain calm and wait for a similar opening to reopen. You could also go through your AMCAT score once again.

  38. I have given my amcat on 15th of november 2017 and my score was pretty good . I have applied for so many companies. After 30 days of my exam i started getting some job invite but i have not recieved further conformation regarding the interview. I want to know that if i got invite then will i get a call or not.

  39. I registered in cognizant through amcat but I never got a call or mail regarding the interview place and time now the job posting shows it is expired…If I register to any other jobs how will I get to know about the interview date and time.

  40. Hi Annie,

    When you apply for a position on the AMCAT jobs board, the company receives your details along with your AMCAT score breakup. They shortlist candidates on the basis of this and connect with the ones they choose. You may have not made the cut, or the company filled their candidate requirements before taking up your candidature.

    We request you to keep calm and apply to relevant, matched jobs – after logging into the jobs board with your registered email ID.

  41. I have given my amcat on 16 December 2017. It’s been more than 25 days but I have not got any interview calls from any companies even the ads are expired. Please tell me reason behind this.

  42. Is AMCAT really useful for job seekers?
    I am getting confused after going through the reviews.
    Don’t we get interview calls after writing the exam?

  43. Hi Sneha,

    Honestly, AMCAT as a skill assessment works in two ways – it assesses you on common counts that companies look for – English, Quants, Logical Reasoning and your subject score. It also acts as a bridge between exclusive job postings on our platform and assessed candidates.

    It’s dependent on your preparation and the scores you receive in the Test. Interview calls, as we have ourselves seen in AMCAT Success Stories: Reviews and Testimonials, begin from two weeks after your results – as it takes that long for recruiters to start seeing your scores in their database searches. We have also talked to candidates, who got them nearly a month after. However, the flow remains consistent. And you can connect the dots with The Test.

    Hope this helps you with your question.

  44. Dear Neha,

    The drive for Hyderabad location is slated to be conducted in a couple of weeks. In case your profile is found to be eligible, you will be sent admit cards in the next 15 days.”

  45. Sir i took amcat on mar 6 2017 . I didn’t got a single call from any company upto september month . After september I got a call from accenture and I applied . I didn’t got any response and it expired. Is this how amcat works!!

  46. Hi Srimensega,

    Can it be because of your AMCAT scores? Getting through AMCAT does align you with matched possibilities, but it is dependant on the kind of score you received – as your scores become a part of the candidate database. If they’re not good enough, you may fare less as compared to other students who have taken the assessment.

  47. I am planning to take AMCAT test but I have some doubts to clarify.In the AMCAT job list it shows that apply for Accenture, cognizant.So if I give the AMCAT now will I get the opportunity to attend those interviews

  48. I got shortlisted for cognizant analyst trainee does that mean if I apply then is I can give interview surely?

  49. I have recently taken amcat test on 11th march 2018. I secured 94.4 percentile in english,97.1 % in logical ability,97.4 % in computer programming,92.7 % in computer science, 50% in quant. What are my chances of getting job offers?
    My amcat ID: 130010283720192

  50. I had applied for Programmer analyst trainee in cts through my amcat profile but did not get the link to take up the coding assessment from home inspite of having good amcat score….. my friends got the link for the test except me…. its been 15 days since i applied for the position…. very disappointed with amcat… i am loosing out job opportunities this way

  51. I gave my amcat test on 11 march and got job invities on site after results. But now its been a week since I applied for those job invities but didn’t receive any mail or message. Is getting a job invite does not mean that I will get Interview mail??

  52. I scored good in amcat. I got 7 companies invitation but it has been 3 weeks i hadn’t received their interview call. Please reply to this instantly as i have to look for some other source to get placed.

  53. Hi Nikhil,

    Our placement support team will get in touch with you shortly.


  54. Hi ,
    Please reply me if anyone got placed through amcat.
    If so, then in how many days after the result did u get the call?

  55. Hi ,
    I got interview call letter from syntel I’m unavailable on that date to attend my interview..may I get admit card from the same company in different date

  56. If I give amcat from one city, do I get interview calls from other cities too?

  57. Hi,
    I got my amcat score on 21 may and I applied for some jobs through amcat app. It’s been a week and I didn’t get any invitations. Is that a problem or when will I get invited?

  58. Hi Priyadharshini,

    It does take a short while before you start getting interview calls from companies. But, once it begins, you’ll get calls in good numbers. So, would recommend you to be a little patient with this. You will definitely get calls.

    All the best!

  59. Hi Shabeeha,

    Yes. It may so happen that you get calls for openings in other cities. You scores are shared with companies, and they then decide according to the requirements, however, most of the times it’s from the same city you appeared for the exam from.

    All the best!

  60. I took after a few days ago and i applied for 2 companies but now it is showing it is expired what does that mean ? am i not shortlisted ?

  61. Hi Jithin,

    can you please share you amcat ID. Someone from our support team will get in touch with you shortly.

  62. Hi,
    I wrote amcat exam on april 21st. I am 2017 batch. Still i didnt received any interview invitation from company. Can u please say me how long will it take?

  63. I had given my amcat on march 2018 and then also shortlisted for 5 companies, but event after successful registration I am not getting any further mails regarding interview details and it’s been a long while.

  64. Hi Sravanthi,

    We would like to inform you that, it may take a while before you start receiving calls from companies, but you certainly will; rest assured. You just need to be a little more patient.

    Thanks and all the best!

  65. I sat for AMCAT on april 2018 and I am 2018 passout. I got mails and sms saying I have been shortlisted for cts, hexaware, syntel and mindtree but I am not getting any further information regarding interview details. Are these mails and sms valid and are there any chance these companies going to call me for interview?

  66. Hi Poulami,

    It may take a while before companies start their hiring process. The information, however, is certainly valid, as it reflects on the basis of your amcat scores, and the minimum cut-off required by the companies. Our support staff will also get in touch with you to give you further clarification on this.

    Congratulations and all the best!

  67. I have taken amcat on May 4 th 2018 in my college. I was shorlisted for some companies. I received mails and messages about them.But when I apply for them it shows that you have to take amcat. What should I do now?

  68. I’m getting lot of interview invites , but they are from different cities. I am ready to work in different cities but I cant travel everywhere for interview. Can’t I give interview from my city? Help me knowing how interview system works. I’m missing out lot of good opportunities because of this.

  69. hi sir,
    I had my second amcat exam on may 24th of 2018, which was conducted on my college i and i am very glad to say that on the next day i got a shortlisted mail for cognizant analyst trainee. And at the same time my name was there in a list that you forwarded with my college on last week. They told to apply for the PAT position and the interview date will be announced soon. do i need to take any other aptitude or programming tests before attending interviews, is the shortlisting means that i am directly selected for their interview process? do i will get my interview call letter soon?

  70. Hello Honey,

    Congratulations on being shortlisted for cognizant. You can take our MockAI session to prepare for your interview. MockAI is an artificial intelligence based interview assessment tool which assess your body language, facial expressions, and voice modulation through a virtual interview session and willgive you a consolidated feedback report on how confident or nervous you were during your interview. You’d know where to improve then. You can register for MockAI here

    All the best!

  71. Hello Bhavana,

    You can contact your college’s TPO cell for the same. Meanwhile, one of our support team members will get in touch with you.

    All the best

  72. Hi Rohit,

    I can understand your problem, however, unfortunately, one need to walk towards the opportunity as it does not walk towards us. In your situation, I’d suggest, since you are getting several interview calls, pick the ones which you find the best fit and beneficial to you in terms of package, profile, learning, etc. You’d have to make decisions here.

    Hope this helps. All the best!

  73. Sir I m from Civil Back ground can I give Amcat sir?? Should I have to be through with some programming languages??

  74. Hello Raghavendra,

    You can definitely give the amcat exam. The exam’s prime focus is on engineers from all fields and civil being one of the prominent core branches, is certainly a part of our module. You can check the syllabus for civil engineering students here

  75. Hi Sreeja,

    Once you give your amcat exam, your scores are registered in your amcat profile, and in our data base. Companies looking to hire get to see these scores and evaluate candidates on that basis, and call them for interviews.

    All the best!

  76. Hello Sahithi,

    So, if the button does not gets highlighted when the mouse has hovered on it, that means the job has expired.


  77. Hi sir,
    I had my amcat exam on 24th june 2018.according to my score i got the mail and normal text message to my register mobile number from amcat that cognizant has shortlisted me for the analyst trainee post.It was said to be register before 4th july.I have registered for that but till now i have not got mail regarding interview date and all.plz can u help me to knw whether they will confirm about that or not.

  78. Hello Arpita,

    Firstly, congratulations on your selection!

    Someone from our support team will get in touch with you shortly and help to resolve this issue.

    All the best!

  79. I am done with my amcat exam a week before but till now i didn’t get any mail or call or any sms regarding job

  80. Can anyone clarify my doubt regarding this Amcat recruitment process..?I scored 65% in 10th but 57% in 12th.I’m perusing my Btech II nd year CSE.I scored 70% in first year of Btech.since most of the it companies have eligibility criteria above 65% as I didn’t scored above 65 in 12th what’s my way??If I write Amcat ,coucbes,etc..will the companies accept me and offer a job with this Amcat?

  81. Hello Bhargavi,

    The whole idea behind the conception of amcat exam was to provide an equal platform to all students to get a job irrespective of how they performed their academics. If you score well in your amcat exam, rest assured, you will get a number of interview calls. Companies select candidates for interview on the basis of their amcat score; and not their 10th, 12th or graduation score.

    Hope this helps. All the best

  82. Hello Sandhya,

    Getting an interview call is completely on the company’s discretion and may take a while. However, if you have scored well, rest assured that you will get calls later or sooner.


  83. I have a query regarding recruitment process through amcat.I got interview call for CTS through amcat but couldn’t qualify.Will amcat send me interview call next time?After how many months later will amcat conduct the process again?

  84. Hello Ria,

    Interview calls are completely dependent on the respective company’s discretion. Don’t lose hope if you couldn’t crack the interview of one company. Stay positive and patient, and you will definitely get more calls and will get through this time. To prepare well for your interview and analyze what may have gone wrong, I’d recommend you try MockAI. You can get the tool here

    MockAI helps you practice a virtual interview session and analyze where you may be lacking and improve on the same to be ready for your forthcoming interviews.

    All the best

  85. I was invited for syntel drive and the i applied for the job through amcat, its more the 15 but i havent got any interview call from syntel

  86. Amcat score
    Computer programming

    English Comprehensive

    Quantitative Ability

    Logical Ability
    My overall percentage 65%.
    But i got zero marks in automata.
    Can i am eligible for any job interview call

  87. Can anyone tell me the process after getting your AMCAT exam,I dont know what to do…calls will come by itself or I have. To apply somewhere first for that. I m totally confused.
    My amcat score :- english 95.99
    Logical reasoning 67.45
    Computer programming:- 91.88
    Computer science:- 88.92

  88. I got 360 in English,490 in quants ,505 in logical ability,515 in optional,what percent of change to get a job through this marks……Guys plz tell me

  89. Hello Abhishek,

    What was the subject domain module (optional subject) you chose for the exam? And how much did you scored in it? A score of 515 is just at par to be very frank, which should get you job interview calls for sure; but that might just take a little longer. So, you need to be a little patient about it.

    All the best

  90. Hello Divyanshu,

    All scores are shared with the companies who are looking for candidates for a specific profile. Once you are done with your exam, the companies can see your scores and if found eligible, will connect with you on their own for scheduling interview.

    All the best.

  91. Hello,I have received a message”Great going.Recruiter has invited you to apply.Please confirm your application” for a couple of companies like cognizant sapient etc..,will I get interview call?

  92. Hello Supriya,

    Firstly, congratulations on your selection. If you have received this message, you should not waste a second to apply. A candidate receives this message when they have scored great in their amcat exam and are likely eligible to be called for the interview. So you can certainly expect an interview call soon.

    All the best.

  93. Sir, I have applied to Robert Bosch through percentile section vise are
    Computer programming: 79.8
    Electronics and semiconductors: 52.1
    Aptitude: 59.4
    But my score low in English.. So can I get interview call from Bosch?

  94. Hi Prakash,

    Selecting candidates and scheduling interviews is solely on the company’s discretion. However, your scores are promising, so stay positive and patient.

    All the best

  95. My expected date of graduation is may 2019. Can I take amcat now? and Do I get any opportunities as that of college placements.

  96. Hi Sharath,

    Of course you can take amcat now. In fact, considering you are in your last semester, it is the ideal time to prepare and give the amcat test and be job ready by the time you pass out from college.

    All the best

  97. I have given amcat on 1st September 2018 and I got a good score, I have applied for conginzant and many more companies but I’m not any call from those companies, please help me out sir .

  98. Hello Sir,
    Its been more than a month and a half since i have given my Amcat test, but still i havent got any calls from Big MNC’s company like cognizant, Syntel etc. Also i have got that message “Great going, based on your profile recruiter has invited you to apply.Please confirm your application” since a month now. I applied on that day only when i got this message but till now there’s no updates.
    Amcat ID – 130011746023982

  99. Hello Amol,

    I understand your situation and would like to inform you that once you have appeared for the amcat exam and receive the invite to apply, it is completely on the company’s discretion when they schedule the interview. So, would suggest you to wait a bit more. Alternatively, if you feel that it could be because of your scores, then you can plan to re-appear for the test and try and score better in your subject module.

    All the best

  100. Hi Shalini,

    Would like to inform you that scheduling interviews are completely on the company’s discretion. I’d suggest you to be a little more patient.

    All the best

  101. Hello Sir,
    I got shortlisted for Bosch around one month ago and I applied for the same. When can I expect the interview call?

  102. Hi Sonu,

    Once you receive an invite from a company, it completely rely on the company then when to revert and schedule the interview. You’ll have to be in touch with the company.

  103. After getting my amcat score i got invites form cognizant and bosch but my score in quant is just 350 but other scores are above 500 will i get a call from this companies now

  104. I got an invite to apply for cognizant engineer trainee. How long does it take for the call letter to arrive after applying to it? AMCAT ID:130011675012051

  105. Hi Reempi,

    It does take some time for the companies to release the interview call letters. Suggest you to hang on for a while more.

    All the best

  106. Hello Vaishnavi,

    someone from our counseling team will get in touch with your shortly.

    All the best

  107. Hello sir,
    I get call latter from cognigent for interview .There have an option to confirm.If i did not confirm then ,they alloted another date to me?

  108. I have appeared for the amcat test on 13th October 2018 and got the result. My AMCAT ID is – 130012769732671 I want to know how can I apply for the jobs in MNC’s. I am not aware of the procedure. Please if anyone can help!

  109. I have appeared for the amcat test on 13th October 2018 and I have got the result. But I am not aware of the procedure to apply for the jobs in MNC’s. Please if anyone can help!
    AMCAT ID – 130012769732671

  110. Hi Sayan,

    That decision is solely on the company’s discretion. You can check with them directly.

  111. I have written amcat on 20th October 2018 and got a good score. I have applied to cognizant and Bosch., in the mobile app it is said that recruiter has invited you to apply. But when I open my laptop, I will get recruiter is still processing the application. I even didn’t get the mail for cognizant, sapient etc…. I have applied to 6 jobs out of which one has been expired. So I again applied for it… When can I expect the mails from then

  112. hi, I was shortlisted for cognizant from Amact, I applied for the job ,but didnt got interview letter, and now my Amcat score is expired,and I did’nt recieved any mail regarding to score expiration, will I still get the interview letter from that company? kindly guide me into this.

  113. Hi,I am a final year student.I am going to write my amcat exam very soon.My question is will I be receiving interview calls in final year itself or should I be first graduated to receive interview call?

  114. Hi Surekha,

    As soon as you are done with your amcat exam, your scores will be open to the recruiters to find and if they see it fit, you should get interview calls.

  115. Hi,I am a final year student ,I took AMCAT exam and I got a mail from MINDTREE that i was shortlisted based on my AMCAT score but after that I didn’t get any response or venue for next process that is coding round. The deadline to write coding round is JAN 21st to 23rd. So i don’t know what is happening could anyone tell me? please..

  116. I got a message that I’ve shortlisted for Cognizant further mails or venue details.. what should I do now.? When will the interview call letter comes.?

  117. Hello sir/ ma’am, I have gave amcat test on 14th feb 2019, in automata section of problem 2, I have passed 16 test cases out of 30 but in the result it was shown only 2 test cases were to be passed.
    Please help me.
    Thank you in advance for your positive response.

  118. Hello this is RAVUR,
    I GOT 99% in computer programming and in English I got 87% ……..and I got less marks in quants and logical……….can I get a call or mail for the company?????????? Reply me as soon as possible sir…..

  119. Hi Ravur,

    How less are the marks in quant and logical? If they are 70% or more then, considering our other scores, you should definitely expect interview calls.

  120. Hi ,

    I applied for Cognizant and now if I check the same link it shows expired , But it says Dear candidate , Congratulations based on your AMCAT score you have been short listed . But I’ve not received any call or mail from them ? When I open my jobs it shows that the recruiter is still processing?

  121. Hi,
    I booked the Amcat test under the premium category and gave the test in the month of March this year. My scores were 535 in English,755 in Quantitative aptitude,595 in Logical,525 in Electronics and Semiconductors and 500 in Computer science which i believe is good. But i haven’t been getting any interview calls from the companies that i applied to related to my field of study as promised earlier while booking under the premium category but rather am getting jobs offers for sales executives. When i open the job portal it says that the recruiter is still processing the application for all the jobs that i applied to.Its been around 2 months now and i havent been getting any calls from the companies i applied in the Premium category.

    my Amcat id is-130014148064166

  122. I want to ask the amcat authority that I am a 2014 passout btech candidate….in 2019 if I appear amcat xam then through amcat would I be able to get a job….though most of us are very well known about that the students who have a long gap or no prior experience in industries..they will be non acceptable & untouchable for the companies…so plz can u guys provide me the proper guide in this situation???

  123. Hi..I dont have minimum aggregate of 60% in my Engineering.. if i write Amcat and score well will i be able to apply for jobs that has eligibility criteria 60%

  124. Hi Nisha,

    That would depend largely on how much your score in every module of your AMCAT. You need to get a really high score in each module of your test, and not just the overall AMCAT score.

    All the best!

  125. Hi Triparna,

    Of course! With AMCAT, the recruiters only give preference to what you have have scored in the test. So, whether you are a 2014 pass out or 2019, if you score well in AMCAT, you can certainly be eligible to find a decent job.

    All the best

  126. Sir, mai 2014 B. Tech pass out hu. Mai 2014 me amcat diya tha aur mujhe call bhi aaye the but us time interview dene gya nhi. Ab agar amcat du to koi chance hai khi se call aane ka..

  127. Hi Ritkesh,

    Of course, there is a good chance that you can still get a lot of interview calls. However, will advise you to really work hard and get a good AMCAT score.

    All the best!

  128. Ar first …one executive told us that only amcat exam basis you can get job in mnc companies but when i paid the amount for amcat exam then after booking slot again another executive called me that after slot booking amcat premium upgradation is necessary for companies like Cognizant ,tech mahindra…then i am not able to pay further amount so what can i do in this situation…

  129. Hi Aniket,

    AMCAT Premium is not a compulsion after booking AMCAT. So, we are sorry that you had such an experience. Please share your AMCAT ID and registered email ID and we will look into the issue.

  130. hi sir,
    My score is -1 in logical module .my doubt is even though we do not have negative marking scheme how could i get -1 in logical module ane i have answered few questions also in that module . can u please clarify the doubt .

  131. Hey M.Hima,
    Can you please share your AMCAT ID and registered email ID? We will look into the matter.