The aim of AMCAT is simple: now, you don’t just submit your resume on a job portal and wait forever. Rather, you take the AMCAT at a nearest center. Based on your AMCAT score, your resume is sent to the most relevant companies hiring! These companies trust AMCAT to help them reach matching candidates. We help these companies quickly schedule interviews with you!

You don’t have to continue to WAIT any longer! You get interview calls within 30 days of taking the AMCAT test!!

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  1. I took the amcat test on august 2016.I got the score and getting job invites from various companies so i applied to all such companies.But i am not getting any interview call.Before taking the test kept full hope on AMCAT but now really upset with it …

  2. I took amcat exam and i got a mail from amcat regarding registration for accenture and it’s been a week I didn’t recieved any calls or mails for accenture interview.

  3. My case is also similar to them.I took amcat exam 6 months later and got good score, since then i’am applying for different electrical companies.Since then,to now i haven’t got a single mail from those applied jobs to appear for the interview.Those jobs are getting expired and just loosing my hope of getting an interview mail.Due to all this i just want to know how people get shortlisted by you people for further rounds.

  4. Dear Sri,

    We can understand how you may feel – we will be looking into a definition of a good score to help you judge how yours holds up against the rest of the bunch. The shortlisting happens not from our end, but from the companies which delve into our database. Some choose a specific geographic location, or give preference to individual section scores, rather than the average score (which might be a great one!). There have also been companies who were looking for candidates from a specific batch (say 2015 or 2017)! We would request you to be patient and keep applying – and have a relook at your sectional break-up.

  5. Will i get accenture interview call only if i belong to same city of interview location or there is chance for other cities candidates also?

  6. sir i am not getting a single call from amcat for any company my score is good but i am not getting asingle call.
    i am applying for accenture but after some time jobs are automatically expired.what i do now?

  7. hello,i got invite from cognizant to apply for it through amcat .does it mean i will get interview call?

  8. I appiled for the job post few days before when i was eligible for it but now it is showing that job is expired. What should i do regarding that job post?

  9. Hey any one ple3 teller that in case if someone is from CS background and instead of selecting programming module he selected any other like finance and marketing.Bt he scores good percentile, then ‘ll be get a call from IT company or not.

  10. Hi Himanshu,

    The expiry date is set by the company as a stop date – after which they process applications. I would request you to remain calm and wait for a call.

  11. I am ECE student from Kolkata, my AMCAT score in English—575,quant—515,logical—695,computer programing—695.What are my chances to get job in Accenture?

  12. Hello sir ,I took amcat and got good score and i have been shortlisted for many companies but iam not getting the interview call letters.

  13. I have wrote my amcat exam on april 4 ,..I applied for accenture on the day of immediately when i recieved the results . today its showing like ‘expired’ ..what does it mean? ..i will not get call from accenture or the application registration has been closed .

  14. I had applied to Accenture and cognizant through my amcat score .how many days should I wait to get a call or mail from them.will I definitely get or not?

  15. Dear Suwathikaa,

    Jobs posted on MyAmcat are for a small duration, which can be either extended (if the company needs more candidates) or even closed early (if they have found enough of them). You may still get a call on these two jobs, if the company is still shortlisting from the set of candidates who have applied for it.

  16. I have applied for Accenture on receiving email from Amcat. The interview locations do not have my city, so I have given another preferred location. To move to that location i will have to make bookings. Can you please tell me the tentative date for the interview.

  17. Hi mam i got the jib invite from cts on may 4th but they still didn’t send me the mail of interview. What should i do now?

  18. I took the amcat test on march 2017.i got good score and i applied to Accenture and cognizant.But i am not getting any interview call.Before taking the test i kept full hope on AMCAT but now really upset with it.

  19. I am from 2013-2017 batch. I recently took amcat and my sectional percentile is Eng: 99.1, Quant: 98.6, Logical: 83, Computer Programming: 85, Computer Science: 76. What are my chances of getting shortlisted by an IT company? And can you tell me when more companies for 2017 pass out will start hiring?

  20. Dear Shiv,

    IT jobs for 2017 graduates are available in our jobs section. We’ve recently explored score cut-offs on our blog – so you can go and compare your overall scores there!

  21. Hi Prasannarasiraju,

    We have recently looked at AMCAT scores and company cut-offs on our blog. I would urge you to go through it before looking at your chances with these companies.

  22. I wrote test on 22nd April 2017 getting several job invitations but yet to get a single interview call
    I got invitation from your Aspiring minds also how couldn’t i get interview call from your own company?

  23. I have taken my AMCAT in 2014 when I m in my final year B.Tech. And my session has expired last year. Now i am in my final year M.Tech can i rewrite the exam for betterment with the same AMCAT ID in order to get a good score without renewal or is there any necessity to register again?

  24. Pls share your AMCAT ID. And go through your own AMCAT scores – are they above the minimum marks level (check our piece on What’s an AMCAT good score).

  25. what will happen if, after confirming interview calls at amcat , i am unable to attend it?

  26. Hi,
    I have taken AMCAT n got a good score. Thereafter I have started applying for jobs. Till now, all the jobs I have applied is shown in applied history, one offer was shown in invited history. What does “invited” mean?

  27. I took the Amcat(second time) a few days ago. Scores: English- 85.3 Quant- 79.6 Logic- 93.1 Computer Prog – 99.8 Computer Science- 83.1. I have not got shortlisted by any companies so far. Instead getting shortlisted for very few in my old profile (containing prev amcat scores). What does this mean?

  28. Hi Sohini,

    As you have already shared, it has been just a few days since you took the AMCAT Test for the second time. It takes time for the calls to begin (in fact we have heard from some candidates that they had to wait for at least a month for them). We request you to be a little patient till then.
    Meanwhile, our support team is also going through your case of jobs on the old profile vs the new one.

  29. I took the AMCAT on 16th July 2017 and got a good AMCAT result on 17th July 2017.
    Here are my percentiles:
    ENGLISH: 99.9
    Quantitative Ability: 98.7
    Logical Ability: 95.8
    Computer Programming: 92.3
    Since then, I got job invites from many companies in which I have applied but haven’t received a single interview call or any email from those companies till yet. Now I am feeling I have simply wasted my money by giving this exam.

  30. Hi Deepanshu,

    We request you to be patient. Sometimes, it can take upto a month or two for the results to translate into company interviews, due to external factors – lesser jobs on the horizon or companies evaluating a larger set of candidates. We have, in the meantime, communicated your response to our technical support team.

  31. I have given AMCAT on March , now I again gave on 23 July to score more than previous .Now I want to know which score will be sent to the recruiters and which AMCAT ID I have to fill while applying for any drives(Accenture and MindTree specifically)as both tests have their own individual AMCAT ID.