What Is AMCAT PRO? How Is It Different From AMCAT?

What Is AMCAT PRO? How Is It Different From AMCAT?

 Higher your AMCAT PRO score, higher your salary.
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AMCAT or the Aspiring Minds Computer Adaptive Test helps over 5 lac students every year to find their dream job. This assessment test connects job seekers with recruiters basis their skills-set which is defined by their AMCAT score.

However, after talking to numerous candidates we realised that there was still something missing from the AMCAT program and that something was an interview assurance. Keeping our findings and the high competition of the hour in mind, we came up with AMCAT PRO: The Interview Assurance Program.

What is AMCAT PRO, how is it is different from the regular AMCAT and why you need it? We will try and answer these questions in this blog.

Three interviews in three months with AMCAT PRO

AMCAT PRO guarantees minimum three interviews within three months of taking the AMCAT PRO exam. So, if you are a 2019 batch graduate with a valid degree, then you will be eligible for AMCAT PRO: The Interview Assurance Program

These interview opportunities will be basis your AMCAT score. So, to avail the best and the highest of the AMCAT guarantee, here is how much you need to score across all modules.

Score across all modulesScore in Automata FixMembership you qualify forCTC of the jobs
500+46+Gold5 LPA+
450+31+Silver4 LPA+
400+16+Bronze3 LPA+

Based on your AMCAT score, you will qualify for one of the memberships as mentioned in the table above. AMCAT will send you appropriate jobs depending on your membership. But what if you score less than 400 marks in any of the modules? 

If you score less than 400 marks in any of the sections of the AMCAT PRO exam, then you will NOT be eligible for the AMCAT PRO assurance. Let’s say, you score 550+ in three out four modules and 350 in one module, you won’t be eligible for AMCAT PRO.

Similarly, if you score less than 16 marks in Automata Fix, then you will be considered ineligible for the AMCAT PRO assurance.

So, ensure that you are scoring at least 400 marks across each module. Besides, scoring the minimum marks is not at all tough. In fact, 68% of the candidates who give AMCAT exam score above 400 marks in all the individual modules.

You can read the terms and conditions or find your answers in the FAQ section. 

AMCAT PRO and AMCAT – the difference

AMCAT PRO is a new offering by AMCAT. It promises a minimum of three interview offers within three months of you taking the AMCAT PRO exam.

These opportunities will be curated basis your AMCAT score and interest and sent to you via emails. We work hard to ensure that you don’t miss out on the best opportunities (basis your score).

And, in case, we fail to deliver on our guarantee (highly unlikely), then we will refund your money back to you.

AMCAT PRO is, therefore, a win-win program for you. You just need to work hard to get a good AMCAT score and we will take care of the rest.

AMCAT, on the other hand, doesn’t come with any such guarantee. While AMCAT does introduce you to a lot of great opportunities, these opportunities are not especially curated for you. You can, however, apply for opportunities you like on the AMCAT jobs’ portal.

AMCAT PRO goes a step beyond the regular AMCAT and takes the matter of helping you find the best opportunities across the country in its own hands.

Is the AMCAT PRO exam different from the regular AMCAT exam

There is no difference between the AMCAT PRO exam and the regular AMCAT exam. In fact, both these exams are the same in every way.

The only difference is that to avail the benefits of AMCAT PRO, you need to book AMCAT PRO and give the exam through it. And to enjoy the benefits of the regular AMCAT, you can book your AMCAT exam slot through it.


AMCAT PRO is a new, assured version of the regular AMCAT though the test conducted by both is the same. With AMCAT PRO, you get an assurance of a minimum of three interviews in three months basis your AMCAT score or you get your money back.