All About AMCAT Ambition Contest 2021- Complete Roadmap

All About AMCAT Ambition Contest 2021- Complete Roadmap


AMCAT Ambition contest is a holistic competition that is uniquely designed to acknowledge one’s professional goals.  

Every student has dreams. Some aspire to make it big in corporates while others dream of building a brand of their own. Some think of starting a business. On the other hand, some wish to capture the world with their vocation. 

All About AMCAT Ambition Contest 2021- Complete Roadmap
All About AMCAT Ambition Contest 2021- Complete Roadmap

Though there are endless ideas yet there is one thing in common. Everyone has a career goal that they aspire to achieve. Therefore, the AMCAT Ambition contest recognizes one’s ideas and ambition. It provides a huge platform for the students to showcase their seriousness towards carving a professional path. 

The competition follows a well-structured course of action. Students are required to take an AMCAT assessment. Afterwards, they’ll receive a link on the email ID. Henceforth, the participants will have to submit a video describing their career ambition followed by a shortlisting process. Subsequently, winners will be awarded various exciting prizes such as Samsung Tablet and more to recognize their efforts.

Therefore, the following is a  comprehensive roadmap of the AMCAT Ambition Contest to guide you through each step.

Save The Dates- Schedule for AMCAT Ambition

Note. The AMCAT Ambition dates have been extended. The last date to apply for the contest is April 15, 2021. 

Grab the opportunity now. Click Here to apply.

Eligibility Criteria to Participate in AMCAT Ambition

AMCAT Ambition Contest 2021 Eligibility Criteria
AMCAT Ambition Contest 2021 Eligibility Criteria

Eligibility guidelines are necessary preconditions to ensure a smooth selection process. Therefore, one must go through it before applying for the contest.

Here is a list of important eligibility criteria to participate in AMCAT Ambition:-

1. Education Qualification-Students must hold a minimum bachelors degree in any discipline can participate in the contest.
2. Type of Participation- It should be individual participation. This implies that groups or teams are not allowed.
3. Location-  This contest is open to all from anywhere in the world. Hence you can take the test irrespective of your location.

Application Procedure of AMCAT Ambition 2021

AMCAT Ambition Application
AMCAT Ambition Application 2021

The application process is the first step to participate in the contest. Hence, here is a brief overview of the same:-

1st Step: Visit the official website.
2nd Step:
Select the “Book To Win” option Click Here
3rd Step: Now enter important details on the form:-
i. Name,
ii. Mobile Number,
iii. Select the degree,
iv. Completion year,
v. Email ID, etc.
4th Step: Click on continue.
5th Step: You’ll be directed to the payment gateway.
6th Step: Click on the “Submit” option.

Kindly preserve the application copy because it may be required for future use.

AMCAT Ambition Contest Procedure

Here is a stepwise process to participate in the contest:-

1. Take the AMCAT exam from home as the foremost step.
2. The scores will be declared within 48 hours.
3. Now share a Career Ambition video via Autoview. Afterwards, you will receive a link over email.

Rewards on Winning AMCAT Ambition
Rewards on Winning AMCAT Ambition
Rewards on Winning AMCAT Ambition

The jury will shortlist the top performers for exciting prizes. Kindly check the details below:-

1. Top Three Winners

Top Three Winners
Top Three Winners Reward

The first three winners will receive a Samsung tablet each. They will also get a chance to get featured in one of the AMCAT webinars.

2. Next 10 Winners

Next ten winners reward
Next Ten Winners Reward

These participants will receive an Amazon gift voucher worth Rs 2000.

3. Next 25 Entries

Next 25 Winners Reward
Next 25 Winners Reward

The rest top 25 winners will receive Resume Buddy Subscription for three months.

Terms and Conditions

Here are important terms and conditions while participating in the AMCAT Ambition contest.

1. Anyone who books an AMCAT test during the contest period is eligible to participate in the contest. Hence, the AMCAT application is mandatory.
2. Submit the entries well before the contest date.
3. We would like to hear your career ambition stories. Therefore, the participants have to share a career ambition video after successful entry submission.

Kindly Note. Ensure to submit the entries before the deadline. Otherwise, the application won’t be taken further.

Now, here is your chance to affirm your goals and dreams.
All the best!