8 Useful AMCAT Preparation Tips That Can Come Handy

8 Useful AMCAT Preparation Tips That Can Come Handy


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A well scored AMCAT report card can significantly change the course of your career. It not only helps you get a job but ensures you get a well-deserved one. In brief, it can get you the best first job with your given qualifications and skills.

But the question here arises as to how to get that perfect score? AMCAT preparation tips shared by previous high scorers can help you with that.

We have jotted down the tried and tested methods and tips which have helped students get the highest of AMCAT scores if followed sincerely. So, here are the 8 useful AMCAT preparation tips we have picked which can come handy to you:



Research about the exam

Most AMCAT preparation tips start with what to study and how to study but, an important point is frequently missed out. And it is the foremost step. We are talking about, the research.

It is imperative to research the exam itself before starting with your preparation.

The research should include the marks policy of each of the modules, the number of modules you need to apply for, selection of optional modules, etc. All of this should be noted down to help you prepare the blueprint of your preparatory schedule.



Schedule your preparation as per the curriculum

The next step is to schedule your preparation. It includes various steps. To start with, you should count the days left to your AMCAT exam.

While sharing AMCAT preparation tips, high scorers agree to follow a planned schedule and preparing as per the curriculum.

In fact, that’s the best part of the AMCAT exam. You can access the curriculum from the AMCAT website and prepare only the topics which are present there. Make sure you are following the curriculum for only the subjects you have applied for. Anything other than the curriculum can be left in case of limited time.



Make notes

Making notes while you study or read your curriculum not only helps you later while revising the syllabus but also makes the concepts clear as you write them. Also, things we write are easily memorized than just reading. So, ensure that you note down the important points on separate sheets or notebooks.

You can be creative while making the notes by using different kinds/colors of pens. It is not only for a better aesthetic view but you can highlight points as you want to and the revision part also get easier as you can easily spot things within your notes.



Focus enough on compulsory modules

It is a common mistake that most candidates make and end up getting a not-so-attractive AMCAT score. You shouldn’t make the very mistake of leaving on the preparation for the compulsory modules. It does look easier sometimes but it is tricky when you are seeing the questions for the first time in the exam.

Also, comparatively, the compulsory modules are very scoring, but only if you are prepared for them.

Your overall AMCAT score matters and therefore, you should be including your compulsory modules in your preparation schedule.



Concepts rather than cramming

One of the best AMCAT preparation tips one can give you is to focus on concepts rather than just cramming theory. It is true for both your compulsory and optional modules.

When it comes to your core subject, it would be very difficult to score good if your concepts are not clear. So, don’t go about just reading theory but get clear on the main idea. It will not only help in your AMCAT exam but later in life as well.

In fact, if you prepare your concepts well while preparing for the exam, you will have it handy during your job interview as well.



Solve similar questions

Now comes the time to test what you have studied. Do not just read your topics and run for your exams. In the first step to test your knowledge, solve sample papers and previous years’ papers available on the AMCAT website.

While solving the papers, set yourself on a timer or at least check the clock when you’re starting. It will help you get well with the schedule of the exam.



Take the PrepAMCAT test

And now the next step of self-testing. Once you have solved the sample papers, you should opt for the PrepAMCAT test.

It is a mock test designed along the same lines as the main exam but the scores are not final. It is built on the idea to prepare the candidate better for the exam and make them confident about their preparation and exam strategy.

The exam will help you point out the weak areas and also to recognize any loophole in your exam strategy in terms of time management, module management, etc. The prep AMCAT test should be taken at least a few days of the main exam, leaving enough window to rectify your mistakes.

Click here to register for your PrepAMCAT test.



Revise the weak areas

And now the final step. Following the previous two steps will help you pin point your weak areas. Identify the questions you were unable to grasp and go back to the topics to revise them. Skipping this step can prove to be fatal for your final score.

Even though the last, it is one of the most important AMCAT preparation tips as it is the final leg and you can’t afford to leave out the weak topics even after identifying them.

So, just go through the notes you have prepared earlier and you are all set to score well for your AMCAT exam!




The above AMCAT preparation tips are more or less arranged in a sequence which you can follow. For example, research of the exam surely forms the inaugural step you need to take, and so on.

If you are determined and ensure that you follow all the steps carefully, you will surely get the best of your caliber in the AMCAT exam! Schedule your AMCAT here.