“AMCAT helped a lot to get me a job in Accenture.” –...

“AMCAT helped a lot to get me a job in Accenture.” – Zareen Aslam

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Getting a good IT job for freshers in this tough job market is really a big deal today. Let’s see how Zareen managed to kick-start her career in the IT industry straight out of college.

Jobs in accenture“AMCAT is one of the best platform for freshers.”

Zareen Aslam, Dream Institute of Technology, 2016 Batch

Aspiring Minds: Tell us something about yourself and your career goals.

Zareen: My name is Zareen Aslam I have completed my B.Tech from Dream Institute of Technology.
After completing my B.Tech I was searching for an opportunity that would help me uplift my career and take me towards the apex of success.

Aspiring Minds: What difficulties did you face while searching for a job and how did you overcome those difficulties?

Zareen: It is indeed difficult as the competition is tremendous and the talent quotient is undeniable. AMCAT helped a lot to get me a job in Accenture. AMCAT is one of the best platform for freshers.

Aspiring Minds: How long did it take to get your 1st interview call after AMCAT?

Zareen: After four to five days.

Aspiring Minds: Tell us about your experience post giving the AMCAT test and how AMCAT helped you in getting the job at Accenture?

Zareen: Well, after taking AMCAT test, I was certain that I would definitely get calls from renowned MNC’s. As I said, AMCAT is a very good platform for freshers. AMCAT helps jobseekers in all possible ways. I was shortlisted by AMCAT for Accenture based on my AMCAT scores. I just had to appear for technical and HR round.

Aspiring Minds: How many interview calls did you get after taking the AMCAT?

Zareen: I got three to four calls.

Aspiring Minds: Would you suggest other job seekers to take AMCAT? If yes, why.

Zareen: I would definitely suggest other job seekers to take AMCAT. It is the best platform for a start.

Aspiring Minds: Would you like to share some tips which can help other job seekers in getting a good job?

Zareen: Believe in yourself and always have a good hold on the set of communication skills and technical skills.

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