Ridiculous Reasons People Were Fired From Their Fresher Jobs

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    Another One Bites The Dust (firebrandtalent)

    Why do you think a company would click “terminate” on somebody’s employment contract? May be because they are a lousy asset. Or they are routinely impunctual. They might not have up-to mark employability skills. An employee can be booted if the company doesn’t need them anymore. Violation of clauses, if(s) and but(s) mentioned in your employment letter can be the reason for your “bye-bye ticket”. And these are pretty normal scenarios. Anyone can be given the bullet. But here are 5 ridiculous reasons for which people were adjourned from their Fresher Jobs.

    Here are 5 confessions taken from Whisper, sent by actual employees.

    1. The Eternally Hungry Employee

    Hunger is a natural instinct, right? It is this hunger that makes you apply for a job in the first place. This hungry fresher was probably a foodie who took the liberty to steal his colleagues’ food. And the dictum? He got canned from his Fresher Job. Also, this person confessed to lying about his reasons for getting laid off. 😀

    One more user confessed that she got fired from her job because she put laxatives in her lunch. Why, do you ask? Apparently, she was sick of someone stealing her lunch and she got fired when the security guard (the culprit) filed a complaint against her.

    2. The Grumpy Cat

    McDonald’s sent home this employee because apparently, they were too grumpy and cranky. The employee got axed as they were “incapable” of smiling “enough”.

    3. The Sleep Head

    Ritz Carlton fired its security guard as he yawned too much. The user says. “I got fired from the Ritz Carlton for yawning too much. I was a security guard. I was supposed to just “stand there”.

    4. Mustard Is Priority

    What are your life’s priorities, freshers? Getting a good AMCAT score? Scouting for fresher jobs? Well, all the very best. This restaurant fired its Chef because according to the outlet the Chef’s priorities were not “set”. The Chef was fired for putting Mustard on a burger before tomato ketchup.

    5. For Name Calling

    This one’s my favorite. An employee got fired for calling names for a colleague. Apparently, McDonald’s fired this worker as she lashed out on her colleague and called her a McBtich.

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