Money or Progress: What Do You Fancy For Your First Job?

Money or Progress: What Do You Fancy For Your First Job?

First Job: Are you pacing after career growth or a big fat cheque every month? Decide for yourself if it is about learning or earning.

first job
What's your first job all about? (fthmb)
first job
What’s your first job all about? (fthmb)

Imagine standing right in front of the job market. Before you could enter the professional world, what would you think about your first job? Would you be given a choice? Maybe a choice between a 10k per month or a 20k per month cheque? How would you filter your first job as the right job? Not only that, would you consider it as the right fit before you join or later when you are experiencing the whole job role? How would you measure your career growth?

For your first job, what would it be that could make you choose between, say 3 first job offers? Would you run after the money you will be able to encash every month? Or would it be the progress, the learning, the experience jobs offer?

First Job: Money Or Learnings

The million dollar question here is which desk would you choose to sit behind and why?

Money or career growth; whichever you fancy, is totally justified on your part. Not everyone will want the same things. For some, a job that places a roof over their head and food on the table can be highly satisfactory. For some, this satisfaction comes with possessing comforts, luxuries and so many other things. Whereas, for some, even a high paying job may not be satisfactory if they are not soothing their minds or feeling enough passion to drive them each moment. Some might seek a momentum that aligns them with what they actually desire.

When it comes to the financial aspects of careers, we ought to know how much this currency governs our lives. Every one requires money to sustain. There is no one who would work for free, forever! Money matters and it matters a lot. While the levels of preference for money over other factors is situational. Someone who is in a fresher job, might not prefer monetary benefits over career growth. Whereas, someone who has a decent amount of experience and has a family to take care of might aim for a steady growth in career to land on better opportunities. Also, we all have heard of people who are satisfied with the pace and nature of their job even if they are not ‘growing’. Therefore, we see that this million dollar question is nothing but circumstantial and the answer varies for everyone.

So, what is that you would work toward? Making big money or getting on that progressive ladder to learn while you earn? Let us know your opinions in the comments below.

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