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Polytechnic calls for a blend of skill and knowledge. It is more about practical knowledge than bookish knowledge and as such, the focus is on your achievements. When framing your polytechnic resume, the focus should be on your career objective and then the internships you have done so far. You can talk about college projects and how you contributed to group projects in the same breath. The main idea of a Polytechnic resume is to tell the recruiter you can think out of the box and are not restricted to set rules. Your fresher resume should talk about the skills you posses and how you look at problems and try to find creative solutions to them. While Polytechnic resume is not a lot of about technicality, it sure is about a good presentation. And, a good presentation comes with the right resume template. The resume template you choose can play a great role in determining how well your resume will be received by the recruiter. That is why, at Resume Buddy we give you the option to create multiple resumes and choose from our vast collection of resume templates. Another thing that you need to keep in mind is the placing of ideas. A haphazard resume does not convey “job ready” and might not attract the attention of the recruiter. So, ensure that you give your contact details at the top, follow it with an impressive resume headline and talk about your career objective and goals before moving further.

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