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A blend of skills and knowledge - that is what a Polytechnic job is all about and that is exactly what your Polytechnic fresher resume should reflect. Since the focus is more on your practical knowledge rather than bookish knowledge, you need to frame your fresher resume accordingly. It should draw attention to your college projects, your contribution to it and the internships you might have done. 

Your Polytechnic resume should tell the recruiter that you do not confine yourself to boxes and are open to trying out new ideas. Also, your fresher resume should talk about your skills and how you look at problems with the aim to find creative solutions to them. 

It can be said that a Polytechnic fresher resume is not too much about technicality. However, it sure is a lot about a good presentation of your skills and achievements. And, a good presentation is incomplete without the right fresher resume template. 

The resume template you choose can play a great role in determining how your job resume will be received by the recruiters. So, focus on including all the relevant information in your fresher resume, while maintaining enough white spaces. 

Also, be very conscious of how you present things in your job resume. A haphazard presentation of ideas might say that you are not ‘job ready’. Focus on creating an impressive resume headline, have a pitch-perfect career objective and let Resume Buddy handle the rest of the work. 

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