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If you truly want to taste success, then your B.A fresher resume needs to be very specific of what your achievements are and what you are looking to achieve in your career. So, your focus needs to be on things that will recommend you for the job you are applying for.

Your fresher resume should focus on volunteer work and internships that you have done through your college years. Recruiters love candidates who are active and are willing to go the extra mile to make their resume exciting. 

If you have taken up any leadership roles, then that will be all the better for your profile and should be highlighted. Another aspect of your fresher resume that needs to be highlighted is your skills and qualifications.

The skills you mention in your job resume should be very job specific and pitch you as an ideal candidate. Every job that you apply for requires its own specific fresher resume suiting the job requirements. That is why Resume Buddy helps you build more than one job resume and its numerous fresher resume templates add on to the experience.

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Beta BA Template

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