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Civil Engineer Fresher's Resume Templates

Similar to Mechanical engineering, Civil Engineering also is one of the core branches of engineering. Therefore, a civil engineering resume requires utmost attention to the specialization and the profile you are looking to make a career in. Some of the most common civil engineering resume templates are that of:

  • Civil Drafter
  • Civil Engineering Technician
  • Civil Engineering Technologist
  • Civil Inspector
  • Civil Project Engineer
  • Civil Project Manager
  • Civil Structural Engineer
  • Civil Technician

The commonest of these resume templates is that of Civil technician resume format, since it involves the taska based on the most basic principles of civil engineering; such as

  • taking part to site surveys
  • estimating labor and resource costs
  • liaising with suppliers
  • inspecting projects
  • reporting to site managers
  • and following engineering plans

encompasses numerous headings and sub-headings. However, to give a broader perspective, it consists of conceiving new design ideas and helping build those ideas. 

A well-written resume for Civil Engineering should focus on skills such as engineering expertise, attention to safety, knowledge of CAD software, teamwork, time management, and math and science skills. Based on our collection of resume sample in the field, at least an Associate's Degree in civil engineering is required.

With Resume Buddy you build a great fresher resume, you would have to prioritise what you should include in it and what would do little to add to your candidature and can be excluded. 

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