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At times, it becomes tricky to create a fresher resume for a particular field of engineering. Aeronautical Engineering is one such field and creating a fresher resume for aeronautical engineering students need a lot of detailing. 

If you go through the samples for aeronautical engineering resume, you’ll find that the emphasis is placed a lot on the conceptual knowledge. Which means, your academics will be noticed by the recruiter, and thus, that is something you need to highlight at the top of your resume. Now, this is clearly something which applies if you are creating your resume for the first time; a fresher resume for aeronautical engineering. Since, no one would expect you to have hands-on experience. However, industrial training or internships which you may have taken during your graduation should certainly provide that push to your resume. So, follow up your academics with your industrial experience. 

However, for those with some level of work experience, your resume should highlight your work experience, achievements, etc. in the beginning; followed by your academics. Aeronautical engineers mainly take care of conducting research, designing aircraft systems, coordinating test flights, recording test results, and managing computer systems. Based on this, an aeronautical engineering resume must include keywords such as;

  • engineering expertise
  • creativity
  • problem solving orientation
  • time management
  • and teamwork

If you are about to graduate from aeronautical engineering and looking for fresher resume templates to create your first professional resume, then Resume Buddy is your best bet. With 25+ fresher resume templates and resume samples to choose from, you can easily create a resume for aeronautical engineering student. 

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