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The thing with creating a fresher resume for B.Com graduates is that one needs to be very critical about the kind of job profile they are applying for. Jobs in commerce are overwhelmingly varied. From financial services to legal professions, and jobs in HR. The job opportunities for B.Com graduates are a plenty. So, it is important to choose the correct resume template and resume format to share with the recruiter. 

Resume Buddy provides all the necessary professional help and guidance to create an impeccable resume for B.Com graduates. While going through the resume formats for B.Com freshers  provided by Resume Buddy you’ll learn that the main focus should be on your achievements and internships. It should additionally talk about your college projects and show how you are a person who is eager to learn and grow. 
Highlight your:

  • Internships
  • Project work
  • Academic achievements
  • AMCAT score (highly useful when you don’t have shining academic scores to flash)
  • Soft skills useful for the job profile
  • Certifications (if any)

The resume format of your fresher resume for B.Com graduates also matters a lot. You can use the above sequence in your resume, or can take help from resume templates offered by Resume Buddy to find yourself the most suitable resume format. 

Diligent BCom Template

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Diligent BCom Template

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