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B.Com graduates have taken the industry by storm and almost every company has a requirement for such candidates. However, the number of students passing out of colleges exceeds that of the number of jobs available. So, that means that you need to start fighting to be the best from the moment ‘go’. And, to do that you need to perfect your job resume. In a B.Com resume focus should be on your achievements and internships. It should talk about your college projects and all in all project you as a person who has keen interest in their field and know what they are doing. However, even with all the right information, silly mistakes can make you seem like a not-so-attractive option. Your job resume is your means to introduce yourself to the recruiter. And, in a sea of other candidates, your resume should stand out as bold and engaging. A great way to achieve that and bring your personal sense of style and statement to a formal document is to choose the right resume format. And, for that, you can take the help of (Resume) Buddy and choose through the numerous templates present to create something unique and compelling.

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