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When composing a Big-data Analyst resume, you need to be very conscious of what goes in your job resume and what not. For a fresher, the obvious choice is to put their educational qualifications on top, especially if they have scored well in the semester exams or are from a good college. However, a Big-Data Analyst resume needs you to focus more on your accomplishments and technical skills. While your introduction and resume objective should be very powerful, and form the opening of your job resume. The show should go to what you have achieved in college and through the internships you undertook. Talk about specific roles and achievements and the projects you worked on during the internships. You can further talk about your college projects and then any extra-curricular activities that you were a part of. However, ensure that your resume says the most in a few ‘keyword’ conscious words. If you use the terms and technologies from your field, it will stand out to the recruiter and make them stay and read your resume thoroughly. Another thing that can make you win big with your job resume is if you ensure that the information presented is grammatically correct and the template chosen is neat and precise.

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