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When writing a fresher resume, you need to be focused on what you want. Which sector do you want to work in and how do you want to proceed. Accounting and Finance is a vast category. There are a huge number of jobs in Accounting and Finance available in both private and government sectors.
Commonly, in an accounting profile, one needs to ensure accuracy and compliance with legal regulations, along with managing taxes for clients or the company they are working for. At some level, accounts freshers also have to take care of bank statements, processing payroll, and invoicing clients. With respect to this, when compiling a fresher resume for accounting and finance, you should include;

  • Your analytical skills and mathematical expertise
  • Detail oriented approach
  • Any experience you may have had with handling accounting tools.
  • Internship programs during your graduation, to highlight your hands-on experience. 

If you go through the resume samples available for accounting and finance graduates, you’d see that there are a few keywords which are highly essential for the resume to stand out. Make sure you are using the correct resume template to draft your accounting and finance resume. Choosing the right resume template plays an important role as well. 
So, when crafting a fresher resume you need to be very conscious of what you write and how you present those ideas. And, when it comes to presenting ideas in an easily readable yet attractive format, then nothing works better than the fresher resume templates by Resume Buddy.

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Standard AC & Finance Template

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