Top 7 Tips To Dress For Interview Success

Top 7 Tips To Dress For Interview Success


According to a survey almost 31 percent of hiring managers knew within the first 90 seconds of an interview whether or not they’ll make a job offer to the candidate or not. 72 percent of the hiring managers say they’ve rejected candidates after an interview because they thought they were too fashionable or trendy.

The manner in which you present yourself at an interview can play a large part in the first impression you give to your interviewer. Hence it becomes essential to dress smartly and appropriately. It’s supposed to give you confidence and be a great representation of who you really are.

Spend time on the Internet researching the company, industry and competitors to determine suitable interview outfits. When you know what to wear for a job interview it’s already half the battle of the interview itself. as the saying goes “You never get a second chance to make a first impression.”

So here are the 7 tips to ace your next interview:

  1. Color: Avoid flashy colors, select subtle shades like white, light blue, cream and light green for the interview. Make sure you select a color that suits your age, gender and complexion and also that your clothes are ironed.

  2. Avoid too much perfume and jewellery, What doesn’t give you a headache might give someone else one 🙂

  3. Fit: Another important thing to keep in mind while picking your interview attire is do they fit correctly? Make sure that your pants must not be too tight or too big, try out the outfit prior to the interview. Your outfit must be something that makes you feel comfortable throughout the interview process.

  4. Hair: Ensure your hair is well groomed/brushed. Females have several options in hairstyles but males are usually expected to have well-trimmed hair and clean-shaven face.

  5. Accessories: When it comes to your accessories, keep it simple, but still show some of your personality. There are some accessories that reveal your traits, wearing a watch shows that you are time conscious. It is also recommended to carry tissues or handkerchiefs along with you. Carrying a pen is always is always considered as a good habit. Women are advised to wear minimal makeup, only wear makeup and jewellery that are appropriate to the job/company/industry.

  6. Nails: For men, it is important to make sure they are neat, tidy and clean. Ladies must keep the nails’ color as natural as possible.

  7. Mobile phones:  They aren’t part of your “dress code” but it must not be carried unless it is off or on silent mode in the bottom of your handbag, briefcase or pocket.  It certainly doesn’t belong in your hand or on the table in front of you.

Finally remember the colors and the attire that you wear to the interview will help you in making the first impression but nothing beyond that. If you want to get selected, then it has to be your  knowledge and your experience in the field.

Good Luck!