Graduates in 2017 | 10 things for your next Job Interview

Graduates in 2017 | 10 things for your next Job Interview

Worried about the interview tomorrow? Here's a check-list of things you should take with you for the big day.


interview must havesYou are prepared with the answers to the most common interview questions, mustered a sizeable amount of confidence, ironed and put together your interview clothes. Wait, aren’t you forgetting something?

The interview is not just about preparation, but also about execution and making the interviewer believe that you are the best candidate for the available position. Since the day before the interview is a stressing time, we have prepared a checklist for you, so that you don’t forget a thing.

Copies of resume

Always remember to carry extra copies of resume while you are going for an interview. Sure, you must have submitted your resume when you applied for the post but it is still advised to carry some extra copies.


It is a big NO-NO to ask for a pen from the interviewer during the interview. It shows your lack of interest in the company and the post that you applied for. Also, it gives an impression that you are not an organized person. Always carry 2 pens that work well and sheets of paper.

A file or a folder

Don’t put all your papers in the bag just like that. It will leave you hassled and confused. Carry a file/folder and place all your important documents in an ordered manner so that it becomes easier for you to provide any document when asked. A complete WIN-WIN case.

Bottle of water, some food, mint, sanitizer, and tissues

You have only one chance to impress your interviewer so just make things flawless and set a good example. Carrying these basic things with you will keep you fresh and you never know when you might need what.

Cover Letter

You must have submitted your cover letter or you might not have been asked for it. Whatever is the case, it is preferable to carry at least one cover letter with yourself. The more the better.

Do not carry multiple bags with you

Restrict it to one. Keep your bag well organized so that everything is there at the right place. More bags restrict mobility and create disturbance.

Reference letters

Carry atleast two or three reference letters. It is the best possible way to support your statements and will help the interviewer to understand you better. Think of the people who can vouch for your abilities and strength. Write their name, contact information and relationship with you, print it out and take it along for your interview.

Photographs (Passport size)

This is a must. No matter how silly it may seem but many job seekers forget to take their photographs during their interview. It is always advisable to carry 5 or 6 passport size photographs with you. It always gives a good impression of you.

A watch

Wearing a watch is always better than taking out your cellphone again and again when you want to know the time. Moreover, it gives a more professional and punctual look. Just to add on keep your cell phone in switched off or silent mode when you go for an interview.


“Smile, for everyone lacks self-confidence and more than any other one thing a smile reassures them”- Andre Maurois. Never go for an interview without wearing a smile, you will always leave a positive impact if you stand confidently and smile.

Prepare, organize and arm yourself with knowledge and confidence to make that dream job yours!


  1. I’ve used this line whenever I’ve been asked this question, and it’s always gone down well. It’s honest, and it’s an opener to further questions about the company (which are vital – you should come out of an interview knowing more about the company’s trajectory than when you entered.