5 things to do before applying for a job

5 things to do before applying for a job


With tough competition in the job market, it is important that you present yourself in the right way to your prospective employer. We tell you 5 essential things you need to do, before you go on a job application spree –

1. Customise your application: The ‘one size fits all’ approach is a definite no-no. Read the job requirement and profile carefully to understand what the company is looking for. You may be a worthy candidate for the role applied for but a generic application can reduce your chances of selection. Add the right keywords and accomplishments in your cover letter or resume which is in line with the job post to increase your chances of selection.

2. Keep references ready: Most organisations nowadays will ask for a few references post the interview. Make sure you have your contacts ready to avoid scouting for people at the last minute. Pick your references wisely – he/she could be your college professor or a reporting manager from the last internship who can vouch for your work. This can add great value to your application.

3. Update your social media profiles: Recruiters very often scan through your social media profiles before taking a final decision. Before you begin your job search, ensure that your profiles are updated with the most recent and relevant information. Get your LinkedIn profile in place and if you don’t have one, we suggest you create a profile right away.

4. Research: You find a job opportunity that really excites you but have no idea about the organisation. What do you do? We suggest you take some time to research about the company before you apply. It is good to be aware of what you are getting into and the preliminary research can tell you more about the company culture, work environment etc. Go through forums like Glassdoor, the company blog and LinkedIn profile to get these basic details.

5. Don’t pin every job as ‘the’ job: Searching for a job can be challenging and we tend to look at every opportunity as ‘this is it’. Don’t put all your hopes into this one opportunity and always have few options in hand. Your first job is a stepping stone to building your career so do not create this as a do or die situation for yourself. Take rejection positively and removing this pressure will also allow you to prepare for the interview with a calm mind.

So if you’re about to start or already in between an active job search, keep these simple yet effective things in mind.

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