5 Tips To Effectively Deal With Stress

5 Tips To Effectively Deal With Stress


Are you constantly worried about work? Do you wake up middle of the night thinking about the next day? Well, office stress can cause much more damage to your health than you think. If you want to be effective and productive at work, here are a few things you should start right away.

1. Transform your eating habits

Seriously! Eating habits do play a role in your stress levels. Transforming your unhealthy eating habits can help you stay fit and reduce the level of cortisol – the stress related hormone. Now you know why your mother is always concerned about your eating habits. Eat consciously and at least 4 times a day.

2. Make music your companion

Well we are not talking about Metal here! Sorry Metal fans, but scientifically they don’t help while you are stressed. Tuning into soothing sounds of nature and classical music can actually help you manage your stress levels.

3. Take a nap

Taking a nap always helps bust stress out. Find a quiet and dark place, Lie down and Get into the napping zone. Don’t forget to set an alarm. Naps help to genuinely refresh your body and their impact can be much more long-lasting than that of caffeinated drinks

4. Exercise daily and remember to laugh everyday

Do you know about Endorphins? No it’s not a new massager 🙂  . Endorphins are feel-good hormones released in our brains while we exercise. So next time when you are stressed out, don’t run for your brand of cigarettes. 🙂  Try exercising a bit. Endorphins are surely better than nicotine.

5. Face what’s stressing you

Most important of the all is to face what’s bothering you each and every second. If you ignore daily stressors, they eventually build up to become the more evolved version of stress – Chronic stress. Avoid landing into this mode. Face your fear!