5 Non-verbal ways to nail your next interview!

5 Non-verbal ways to nail your next interview!


Body language is rudimentary in any interview process. You must project confidence and conviction not only by words but also through your body language. Let us look at the 5 non-verbal ways that will help you nail your next job interview.

1.Handshake: Firm handshake is ‘The’ important thing for a successful interview. You should always remember to give a confident and firm handshake (do not crush his/her hand though!) to the interviewer. A weak or poor handshake will give an impression of untrustworthy and unreliable. Avoid it. Do not shake hands for too long(it’s awkward!)

2. Smile: ‘Smile’- It might just change your life. While interviews are stressful but it is important more than ever to smile. While a real smile has a lots of benefits in an interview but a false smile may be more detrimental to your interview than not smiling at all. The real, warm, open and curious smile, that you have is exactly how you should meet your interviewer for the first time.

3. Posture: Good posture will show the interviewer that you are confident, prepared and professional. Sit straight and keep your head held high when you walk. Do not droop in the chair while waiting for the interview. You never know who is watching you. Be confident, sit upright and walk straight. When questioned by the interviewer, relax and lean slightly forward. This gives the message that you are both interested and involved. Leaning back makes you appear too casual.

4. No fidgeting: Sure, interviews are nerve wrecking and difficult but you must try your best not to show that you are nervous. Do not play with your hairs, bite your nails or tap your feet before or during the interview.

5. Eye Contact: Make it a point to make strong eye contact during the interview process. If the interviewer is talking and you want to show her/him that you are interested, just look at her/him straight in her/his eyes. This shows your confidence and gives the interviewer an impression that you are listening. To avoid staring aggressively blink at regular intervals or giving a small nod.

“Be yourself; everyone else is already taken,” Oscar Wilde. You are amazing- Be you and confident and kill it in the next interview of yours.