10 questions you should not ask at the end of your interview

10 questions you should not ask at the end of your interview


So your job interview preparation has paid off and you’ve put your best foot forward. But just as you think it’s all over, comes a question which can turn the tables for you.

Do you have any questions for us?”

Yes, most HR managers give you the opportunity to ask questions about them at the end of an interview. The most common mistake job seekers make here is to not make a list of questions or doubts they would like to clarify about the role or organisation. Asking the right questions can indicate your preparation, interest and integrity. At the same time, any wrong questions at this stage will kill your prospective job opportunity. We tell you about the questions you should definitely not ask –

1. What is the salary for this position?

2. Do I have to work extra hours?

3. How soon will I get the next raise?

4. Will you be doing a reference check?

5. Can I make personal calls during the day?

6. How did I perform in the interview?

7. Why did the person before me quit?

8. Is there access to social networking sites at work?

9. What recreational activities do you have for employees?

10. What exactly does your company do?

Such questions can easily portray that you’re not too interested in work, you haven’t done proper research or you might not be a valuable resource to the company. While it is important to not ask such questions, not asking any questions during an interview can also put a bad impression on your prospective employer. For successful job interviews, stick to questions about the job, responsibilities and around discussions in the interview process.

We’ll share the questions you should ask during an interview in another post soon!