11 interesting facts about working at Facebook

11 interesting facts about working at Facebook


There are a couple of things I feel are really cool about Facebook:

  • The Real Facebook Wall

  • Its hard to point out an intern or a top executive here, everyone has similar sittings, Mark Zuckerberg too, no cubicles and offices to encourage openness and collaboration.

  • Exposed ducts on the ceiling to give the place an unfinished look to “remind them that their work is never done.”

  • Facebook has an active and ongoing Artist in Residence Program. Artists are active within the Facebook community during the periods of their residencies and besides making art for exhibition & display.

  • Employees have their country flags hung over their desks

  • There’s a room that’s painted totally orange. Because you know, when you’re buried in that white and blue world all day, sometimes you just need to reset your eyes in a contrasting color

  • Facebook has installed outlets that serve frozen yogurt, toppings, ice-cream and naturally, candy, free of charge for its employees!

  • Facebook invariably has large campuses, and the 57-acre, 11 building, Menlo park campus is the largest of them all! To get around Facebook provides communal bikes, which are also tuned and maintained at a full services in-house bike repairs shop.

  • Only Facebook has a vending machine filled with free technical parts.

  • Cafes joints prepare 3 meals a day, 5 days a week. The menu is changed frequently and food items are labelled green, yellow or red based on how healthy that dish is.

  • This is an unofficial motto of Facebook

(This question was answered originally on Quora by Aniruddha Daheria, Software Engineer at Facebook)