Artificial Intelligence, the future for all job interviews

Artificial Intelligence, the future for all job interviews

The brainchild of Aspiring Minds, Mock AI evaluates your chance for job interviews, by providing you with a realistic experience of facing an interview.

Prepare for job interviews, with the help of technology.
Prepare for job interviews, with the help of technology.

Job interviews are scary! Yes, I admit to that and I feel the pain of those people who go tongue-stuck during such trying times. The first time I went for an interview, I was completely unprepared. Though my friends had obviously played interviewers for me to practice on, that was not enough. I so wished there was some professional tool for me to practice with and know what a job interview experience would actually be like.

Though I never got the chance, you can. You heard right, you can get a professional platform to actually practice for your upcoming interview.


Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence is taking the world over, and we decided to let it have a free run at Mock AI – an interview preparation tool. Artificial Intelligence is here to stay and the COVID-19 pandemic has made sure that we keep making leaps in this direction.

Of course, we couldn’t let our candidates suffer for lack of options so we are now going to ensure that you are more prepared  than ever for not just virtual interviews (yes, they are equally scary) but also face-to-face interviews (if we ever get there). And that is why, our artificial intelligence is now more interactive than ever with a very varied and complete feedback report.

Now whether that feedback is flattering or not, it will surely help you ace your interviews and make interviews seem like a big task.

Mock AI

The brainchild of Aspiring Minds, Mock AI evaluates your interview skills and provides you with a unique and realistic experience of facing an interview. The best thing about Mock AI is that you can take it in the comfort of your home, but that won’t excuse you from wearing the right clothes, and I must add, the right expressions.

Your expressions, the way you present yourself, whether you look the interviewer in the eye while answering the question or not. All these small things assume a bigger shape when you are giving an interview. The interview will judge you on the basis of these small gestures more than the actual answer itself. And that is where Mock AI comes in.

How will it help

With Mock AI you face a real (or as real as it can get) interview. There are actual questions thrown at you and then your answer is judged on many factors, including your body language. At the end of the interview a comprehensive feedback chart will be provided that will point your weaknesses and strengths, the places where you seemed confident or smiled, the instances when you got stuck, when did not make eye contact or how much and how you gesticulated.

The feedback will cover every aspect of what an interviewer generally looks for and provide you with the final results, all with the help of its super sensor, a highly proficient Artificial Intelligence, and an interactive platform.

Not only that, along with the personalized tips, you will also get educational resources and recommendations to help you perform better.

Now that you do have the future of job interviews at the click of a button, make full use of it and never leave for an interview unprepared again. To know how to improve your “interview skills” you can also check out our AMCAT blog or our interview tips segment.

If you have any queries or suggestions, then you can drop in your thoughts in the comments section below. We will be happy to hear from you.