Your Time To Bag An Irrefutable Job Through AMCAT Has Started

Your Time To Bag An Irrefutable Job Through AMCAT Has Started


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Ever heard the phrase, “To be at the right place at the right time”!? I am sure we all have. And we do, very well, understand the meaning of it.

In order to achieve success with something we crave for, this phrase can make all the difference. Even when it comes to getting a job through AMCAT exam.

Yes! You read that correctly.

Though, it usually is a stroke of fortune only which puts us in the right place at the right moment, as it is not practically possible to foresee the future (unless you are Dr. Strange). But, what can be possible is to read the pattern and take conclusive steps according to the same.

If you are a 2018 graduate, still stalling around in search of your dream job, it’s time for you to take some conclusive steps to bag your dream job. As, we’ve got you the opportunity to be in the right place, at the right time.


AMCAT has helped thousands of students to find their first job, over the years, with some of the top names in the industry.

However, what’s interesting to note here is that there have been specific time zones when the candidates have appeared for the AMCAT exam and eventually ended up getting a job through AMCAT with some of the top notch companies. One such time zone is the month of January.

Case in point is last year’s results when close to 90% of 2017 graduate students who gave AMCAT during January month got a job through AMCAT with several different companies as shown in the table below;

S.NoCompanyDesignationCTC Offer (in LPA)Job Post Link
1MindtreeJunior Engineer2.75
2AccentureApplication Development Associatenot disclosedNA
3InformaticaSoftware/Quality Engineering Intern3.6
4BYJUsBusiness Development Associate6
5VirtusaPolarisAssociate Engineer3.3
6CognizantEngineer Trainee IT IS3.38
7Relaince JioBack End Developernot disclosed
8Apollo MunichCareer Next Programnot disclosed
9Nouveau LabsResearch Scientist Intern6
10EnCloudEnFront End Developer6
11RobertBoschSAP Consultant6


Now, it is not that January is the only time when a candidate can get a job through AMCAT exam, but it is certainly one of the best and most recommended time slots.


Most of the top firms in the country begin off-campus hiring at the beginning of a calendar year. Now, candidates who have already appeared for the AMCAT exam in December or January have their AMCAT scores with them to show and share with the recruiting firm; making them the first in line to be considered for job interviews. Simple math!

The exact same thing happened last year with the graduates of 2017 batch, who gave the AMCAT exam in January’18. This helped them to apply through AMCAT job listing where some of the big firms (as mentioned in the table above) had posted their requirements. Thus making them the first choice for recruitment firms.

In fact, around 13000+ 2017 engineers and other graduates were hired in January, February and March of 2018. Majority of these recruits were the ones who had written AMCAT by January. And, to top that, the average salary package offered to the hired candidates during this placement period was 4.7LPA.

Even the type of job profiles for which the candidates were hired, varied from IT (Java & Linux Developer, UI/UX Developer, Backend & Front End Developer) to skilled non-IT (Business Analyst, Application Support, Process Engineer).

A similar process happened a year before that, clearly giving us a pattern that can’t simply be ignored.

Now, it is certainly the implication here that January is one of the most important months to get a job through AMCAT. Therefore, now is the perfect time for you to give the AMCAT exam and be ready with a shining AMCAT score to apply for jobs.

To de-brief it a bit more, there are two scenarios that can be considered largely –


You write AMCAT now and have your scores available when the top companies start posting fresh requirements in January.


You wait for the companies to post jobs and then write AMCAT exam later.

While, scenario 2 will also get you interviews shortlisted, but as per AMCAT stats of last year, you are likely to miss out on 40% of the jobs; as you will miss the application deadline because your AMCAT score may not be available when the applications open.

This clearly indicates that giving the AMCAT exam in January can increase the chances of getting more job interview calls, and eventually, getting hired.

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Still contemplating!? Time does not stop for anyone, nor do the opportunities which come with it. Schedule your AMCAT today to be the first choice of MNCs looking to hire new candidates in 2019.

After all, it is important to be at the right place at the right time! And your time has now arrived. Apply Now!