AMCAT preparation – Where and how can you start with it?

AMCAT preparation – Where and how can you start with it?


AMCAT preparation


AMCAT has proved to be one of the most efficient aptitude tests for graduates to find their ideal jobs. However, what plays the most important part of finding job success is AMCAT preparation.

If you speak with any of your friends who have appeared for the AMCAT, they’d tell you how crucial it is to prepare thoroughly for the test.

There may be no passing or failing pattern in this test, but finding a good job with one of the best companies in the industry requires one of the best AMCAT scores.

So, if you are planning to take AMCAT or have already scheduled your date, it is imperative that you prepare well for it. And, to help you in your endeavors, we have created a short step-by-step guide on how to work on your AMCAT preparation such that you can get a high AMCAT score and easily get jobs through AMCAT.


Step One – Register for AMCAT

AMCAT test is not an annual exam and students have the freedom to select their slot from the schedules slots. While this is a benefit for students who can take the AMCAT test whenever it suits their schedule it also acts as a hindrance for others.

Many students keep making excuses for signing up for the test. They think once they are thorough with AMCAT preparation then they will register. But, the lack of a scheduled test date makes you relax!

Registering for the AMCAT exam will give you a deadline and a goal, making sure that you take your AMCAT preparation seriously.


Step Two – Sign up for AMCAT Premium

AMCAT preparation is not just a single-minded approach. The goal of taking the AMCAT is that you should get a job at the end of it. Thus, you should make your AMCAT preparation holistic and a 360-degree effort.

Ensure that you sign up for Premium AMCAT which is a package with tools that will help you crack all the levels of the job process.

PrepAMCAT is the mock AMCAT exam, Resume Buddy is the tool for creating impressive resumes and Mock AI is the tool for taking mock interviews.

By ensuring you take the package you will be fully prepared for the challenge.


Step Three – Get acquainted with the syllabus 

The AMCAT exam has five compulsory sections – English, Quantitative Ability, Logical Ability, Information Gathering & Synthesis, and Aspiring Minds Personality Inventory. Plus, two more domain-specific subjects that you will have to choose.

Instead of doing random studying from aptitude test books, you should check out the AMCAT syllabus here. Once you are aware of what’s coming up, you can start preparing for it. Like most aptitude tests, your basic and core knowledge of the subject will be tested in the exam.


Step Four – Start attempting sample papers

Practice makes one perfect! There is no getting away from that and your AMCAT preparation should be spent in ensuring you attempt at least 3-4 sample papers.

Solving sample papers will help you understand how questions are asked in a particular topic and how to answer them. The exam is computer adaptive so you should know that the more you solve questions correctly the tougher the questions get.

Depending on your schedule, you should solve a sample paper at least once a week with days of preparation in between.


Step Five – Take the PrepAMCAT

The final and the most important step in AMCAT preparation will be taking the PrepAMCAT. The mock exam comes in your package of AMCAT Premium. It is conducted in similar test conditions and is a good indicator of your chances at the real AMCAT exam.

You will also get a report card including feedback on your performance in the test.

Based on this, you can work on your last minute AMCAT preparation and ensure to perform well in the exam. The mock exam will help you plan your timing and assess how long you spend on each question, you can work on your speed based on this.



As you can see AMCAT preparation does not need an exhaustive list of things to do. You can find all the resources and tools, to perform well in AMCAT, here itself. You can read more about student’s experiences in cracking the AMCAT exam and getting their first jobs through AMCAT here.