Video Resume – 5 Pros and Cons

Video Resume – 5 Pros and Cons

Know the advantages and disadvantages of a video resume.


Video resumes are the latest trend in today’s generation. It helps you to stand out from the rest and make a mark in the interviewer’s head. Some time back we discussed CV and resume, today let’s see some pros and cons of a video resume.

What are the advantages of a video resume?

  1. Visibility:This pic talks about advantages of video resumeYour personality, presentation and communication skills can be easily assessed by a video resume. The interviewer doesn’t have to wait for the first meeting to analyze you. Your confidence, maturity, achievements, skills, work,in short everything, is visible right from the start. If you are applying for a marketing job, advertising job or for any position that requires creativity then you must give it a shot. It will help you stand out among the rest. Also, you can show your enthusiasm and seriousness for the available position through video resume.
  2. Importance: Impotance of video resumeYes, That’s right. After viewing a pie of text resumes, your video resume will definitely arise curiosity in the head of the hiring manager. You just got the manager’s attention and your first step is done. Plus, if you manage to pull it off well, you will definitely bag yourself an interview call for that dream job of yours.
  3. You enjoy the powerPros of video resumeSounds interesting, isn’t it? This is just like your job interview, the only difference is, you enjoy the authority here. Since, you have the power, you can use it for good and show all your strengths and skills you possess to create a positive influence on the interviewer.
  4. If you love camera Advantage of video resumeIf you love the camera and it loves you back, then what are you waiting for? Research says that attractive candidates get hired much easily than an unattractive one. If you have good personality, killer attitude and you are photogenic then wait no more. Make a video resume today!
  5. Great opportunity for the newbiesPros of video resumeVideo resume is a great way to showcase your skills and achievements especially if you are a fresher. If you want the employer to take a chance on you, the video resume can fulfill what you want. You just have to be confident, mature, professional and showcase your skills and talents in a right way.

Now, lets look at some of the disadvantages of video resume:-

  1. Not acceptable by manyDisadvantage of video resumeMany employers still prefer the traditional text resumes over video resumes. In many domains like IT jobs, banking jobs, accounting jobs recruiters do not consider video resumes. They find it informal and inappropriate.
  2. Time consuming and tedious Disadvantage of video resumeVideo resumes take a lot of time to analyze and come to conclusions whereas in case of text resumes, it is lot simpler. All the details can be easily analyzed and cross checked.
  3. DiscriminationDisadvantages of video resumePartiality or discrimination can arise through a video resume which is quite impossible as far as text resume is concerned. Some candidates can get preference over other, not based on their work and experience but on several other factors.
  4. If you hate the camera Disadvantages of video resumeIt is not a very good idea if you are not photogenic and do not do pretty well in-front of a camera. You will just give points to the interviewer to prefer someone else over you.
  5. Bad impressionDisadvantages of video resumeIf you are not very confident in front of the camera or lack good presentation skills there can be a possibility that the interviewer gets an impression that you never wanted and you will screw your chances of getting an interview call. This can also hurt your reputation in the job market.

Video resumes, if done properly can enhance your chances of getting an interview call. Whatever you choose, think and analyze twice so that you do not regret later.

Let us know if video resumes have worked out for you!