These 5 jobs need excellent communication skills

These 5 jobs need excellent communication skills


Good communication skills have become a requisite for almost job role in today’s business environment. An increasing number of employers require professionals who are both well versed and well-spoken. We list down here a few professions wherein your success is in itself dependant on how good your communication skills are – your ability to empathise, connect and communicate.

1. Broadcast journalist – Being a broadcast journalist is one of the most dynamic job roles that requires you to be on your toes and think on the spot 24*7. With no scripts or support, you really need impressive communication skills to be able to understand and analyse every situation perfectly – in not just reporting the actual happenings but also thinking and asking the right questions. Remember there are no retakes here so you need to have an exceptional skill set to excel in this role!

2. Teacher – As a teacher, you’re not just responsible for understanding the mind-set of students but also being able to communicate at their level. Good communication skills are much needed here as there is no tried and tested method to put your point forth to a group of teenagers or children. Don’t forget the communication does not just end with students but also parents, fellow teachers and the headmasters.

3. Radio Jockey (RJ) – A fascinating profession to be in, here all that matters is what you say and how you say it. You get to interact and entertain a massive audience all at once which can be both exciting and nerve wracking. You need extremely good interpersonal skills to be able to connect with people from all walks of life. Despite no one being able to see you, a good radio jockey can build a massive following just by the power of his words.

4. Lawyers – This is a no-brainer. Lack of good communication and persuasive skills can spell trouble even you’ve cleared your exams with flying colors. You should be able to sell your point convincingly and be confident of leading conversations with people across different level of authority.

5. Marketing Managers – Marketing managers are the hot new professionals in demand. People with good social and interpersonal skills can look to explore a career in marketing. In a managerial role, a lot of coordination with team members and vendors is required on a daily basis and good communication skills can help you successfully manage your responsibilities.

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