Tattoo artist| 5 things you need to know

Tattoo artist| 5 things you need to know

Know all about the option of tattoo artist

Tattoo makingLast week we discussed all about the option of a personal shopper. Today, the blog is for the ones who have love for art and are crazy about tattoos. Yes, you guessed it right. Tattoo Artists. We will explore how and what it takes to master the art of ink.

What do you know about Tattooing?

Tattoos have been around in India since ancient times. Tattoos signify a sense of permanence. It’s all about telling your life story, what you preach or capturing something special in a form of art that will always be with you. Tattooing is basically a permanent impression made by inserting ink into the dermis layer of the skin to change the pigmentation. If you think all that you have to do is grab a tattoo machine and use it on the skin, then you are hugely mistaken. It takes a lot of hard work, passion and hours of dedication to become a good tattoo artist.

The purpose of tattoo has changed with time. In the olden times tattoos were used as a sign of jewellery-like markings and held some symbolic significance as well whereas nowadays it is a form of decoration or self-expression. Not every tattoo holds some deeper meaning but still people choose the ones that means something to them, maybe something that they stand for or describing an important turning point of their lives.

What will you do as tattoo artists?

Simply put, the person who applies tattoos are known are as tattoo artists. You would need excellent creativity, patience, flexibility, determination, detail-orientation and customer service skills. Your job would revolve around creating tattoos based on what your client wants. Most of the time the clients selects from the hundreds of design available with the tattoo artists. But, sometimes clients can also provide you a design and ask to recreate it for them or give you a brief idea of what they want. Once the client approves the design, your work begins. The first step includes drawing a basic outline on the skin. After which an outline is made on the skin following with the filling of the tattoo with different shades and colour. Different types of tattoo needles are used to create different looks.

One of the most important aspect of the job is safety and sterilization. As a number of diseases can be passed through the blood and bodily fluids hence you need to be extra cautious. Certain steps like discarding needles after each usage and sterilizing equipment to prevent spreading of diseases.

As a tattoo artist you will educate your client on proper tattoo aftercare. The most important which is to keep the tattoo clean in-order to avoid infections. Usage of ointment or oil is also preferred for moisturizing and quick healing. You also need to be extra careful while giving ointments as some tend to react with the inks that is used to make tattoos.

What salary to expect?

The income level is not fixed in this business. It entirely depends on your experiences and skills. You can make anything between INR 10,000 to INR 60,000 depending on your expertise, popularity and location. Those owning a studio can earn really well especially in the summers which is the peak season.

What are the educational qualifications required to become a tattoo artist?

In-order to become a tattoo artist you need to be above 18 years of age and must have completed high school or equivalent. India, as of now does not have any specific institutes that specializes in the art of tattoo making. But, if you are really interested in this field you make take drawing classes at an art school. It can be an added advantage. In most of the cases the newcomers begin their career by working alongside established tattoo artists. In the beginning of your career you might have to sterilize equipments, practice drawing, or modify the tattoo art. Before, practicing the art on the clients, you might have to use the gun on the objects like fruit rinds or leather. Once your mentor has the confidence that you can safely practice the art on the individuals then you can start on your own.

Where can you find work?

You can start your work by joining an established studio for a while till you master the art. After a while, you can choose to open your own studio. However, these studios must be first examined by Health Department to ensure that you are following all the guidelines properly before you start practicing it on your clients.

If you have an artistic bend of mind and love to pay with colours and shapes then wait no more, Tattoo making is your calling.

Tell us what do you think about the art of tattoo making?