Struggling to find a job in this challenging market? Register for the...

Struggling to find a job in this challenging market? Register for the AMCAT Maharashtra Online Job Fair 2016 today!


According to a 2013 report by Economic Times, out of 1.5 Million Engineers that are trained every year in India – a number that is greater than the China and US combined – only 20 to 33 percent get a job, a lot which are under-paying, and below their technical qualifications. Not to mention, the joining dates for freshers are usually delayed by a prolonged period of time,from six months to a year, if they manage to bag a seat during college placement. Similar trends are observed in industries apart from the IT and Engineering, where there is a significant number of unemployed candidates going through the exhaustive process of job hunting.

On the other hand, companies also find it hard to find employable freshers, given that there is more focus on number of students, rather than quality of education being imparted, in most colleges. “The world of work is evolving. Employers increasingly don’t care what you know, [as] they focus on what you can do with that knowledge,” Manish Sabharwal, chairman of TeamLease, told ET.

To combat unemployment, attending onground job fairs is highly suggested to anyone looking for a job, but most of these events are generally very timeconsuming, mismanaged, lack variety in terms of job profiles available, and don’t go beyond the conventional career industry. Since, you’d also see a huge footfall for an event like this, your chances of one-on-one interaction with anyone in a senior management position are also slim, and there isn’t any definitive mechanism in place, that’d allow you to track your application, if you submit your resume for a job there.

Keeping in mind all these problems that an offline job fair is riddled with, AMCAT decided to organize a one of a kind ONLINE job fair, to connect you – a skilled candidate, with employers looking to get more hands on their team.

Starting with Maharashtra(exclusively for Mumbai, Pune, Navi Mumbai, and Nagpur test centres), the AMCAT Online Job Fair 2016, will take place from September 130, with over 50+ IT companies, MNCs, and startups participating for hiring candidates with 0-2 years of experience.

Based on just one AMCAT test score – employers will shortlist candidates for interview, giving you multiple opportunities at hand for landing a job in your preferred industry be it Software, Accounting, Analyst, Core Engineering and more.

Registrations for the AMCAT Online Job Fair are open till August 30, 2016. Book your seat now!