Say good bye to the routine : 4 Reasons why you should...

Say good bye to the routine : 4 Reasons why you should take a career break and go do something else!


Have you ever asked yourself, “Is this what I wanted?” You have an amazing job, the car that you dreamt of since your college days, a beautiful house, money, in short you define the word ‘Successful’ then why aren’t you satisfied with your life? I guess we all have gone through this phase trying to find that ‘missing’ thing. So, what to do? Go back to that same old life or take a break and find out that missing energy and zeal! The later seems to be a bit more inspiring and interesting, isn’t it? Here are top 4 reasons why you should think no more and just take a break from the monotony.

  1. To fulfill your dream and passion: Remember, how badly you wanted to be a Scuba diving expert back in college. What happened to it? Died, while you were running badly to make more and more money. You thought that money will bring all the satisfaction and happiness in your life. You will have everything that you ever wanted. Then, why are you not satisfied with the huge bank balance of yours? The answer is, the key to be happy is not always money, it is to live your life to the fullest. So, now you have this wonderful second chance to live for your dream and passion. And if you are unable to think what it is that you are passionate or crazy about, then Wait no more! This is the right time to take some time off and rediscover yourself.
  2. To break the monotony: You have been in the rat race for a while now, the same old work and the same old office is making you inactive. So, to have that missing enthusiasm, you need to spice up your life a bit. Take a break and come back with the passion to do the same things better or maybe try something different. It would help you to decide whether you should continue what you are doing or is it time to make a move and apply for a new job.
  3. Education: “You are never too old to learn something new, take another chance, make some new goals or keep dreaming.” A time off from your job can provide you the space to learn something new and worthwhile.  If you want to pursue higher education or increase your skill set, now is the time. Take a break and increase your knowledge and degree, it is going to help you in the long run.
  4. Entrepreneur: Do you have this burning desire to be your own master? If yes, then take a break and do something of your own. Why not give yourself some time to do what inspires you about your career path. Whatever you want to do or your dream is: Opening a restaurant, your own company, consultancy, travel company, boutique, parlor, grocery store or may be a school. The possibilities are endless, if you want to explore it. If you have the desire there is nothing stopping you. Plus, this has an added advantage if this works out well you will not only live your dream but have some good cash flowing in.

Taking some time off can reignite the spark that was missing in your life. Remember, how in your school and college you thought you could do or become anything in life, it is never late you still can!