How to survive the transition from college to office

How to survive the transition from college to office

Follow these steps to enjoy the transition from college to office.


For all the new graduates out there, the transition from college to office can be often challenging. The professional world is drastically different from the college life. 9 to 6 workdays, unfamiliar(sometimes arrogant) faces, no more winter and summer vacations. Teary eyes already? Relax! We have just the right thing for you. Here are some survival tips to make your transition from college to the corporate world smooth and stress-free.

1.Understand the gap 

Generation gap

Your office people won’t be the same as your college friends where usually all of you were of same age group. In your office, you will come across people from all age groups, some associate level and others in managerial roles. Right understanding of the generation gap is probably your first key step.

Tip: Be very cautious with what you speak, with whom you speak and where you speak. Work hard on your communication skills to build good relationship with our co-workers rather than sticking to your old college conversations. Be very professional and respectful towards your colleagues and seniors.

2. Get in flow with the routine:

Job tips for freshersYour daily routine for sure would change once you enter the corporate. Instead of bunking and hanging out on your weekdays with friends, your routine would be based on working hours in the office, handling work pressure and meeting deadlines. This survival tip involves understanding the obvious change and analyzing that this is what comes after college life.

Tip: But, didn’t you spend all these years in college and worked really hard for this dream job? So, try and understand the change and face the reality that this is the life that comes after college. Eat healthy, exercise and enjoy your time in the industry. All you need to do is improve your work life balance and you will start enjoying this change. Plus, you will have the weekends for all the fun.

3. Managing your money: job tipsSure, You must have planned to do a lot of exciting things with your first salary like buying expensive clothes, renting a good place to stay or maybe an expensive vacation but hold on, it is very important for you to plan things out. Many young professionals do not manage their money efficiently hence end up with no or very less saving.

Tip: Plan a budget and stick to it. It does not mean that you do not fulfill your wishes, but always try and have an account of the money spent. Taking small steps like planning your monthly expenditure and knowing where to spend what at the starting of every month will help you in long run.

4. Take responsibilities: job tipsRemember, how in your college you loved planning your fest and annual cultural events? Do that in your office as well, try to ask for new projects, new responsibilities and challenges. It would keep you motivated and interested.

Tip: Finding new tasks and challenges gives you the opportunity to learn something new. It would help you professionally and also keep the monotony away. Don’t wait for your manager to give you work. See where you can help your team out and provide a solution for the problem. This would help you grow both in the professional as well as personal front.

5. Patience is the key:

job tipsAs a young professional you might have thought that you will become successful very soon but obviously you have to understand that this isn’t the reality. Promotions, credits, these are somethings that you won’t achieve in a day. You have to work your way out. It can take months, so you need to be patient and efficient.

Tip: Promotions depends on several factors like company’s performance, budget, company structure and new opportunities. So, don’t be impatient if you are at the same level for some time. All you can do i have a holistic approach that consists of knowing priorities, developing your skills, being optimistic and working hard each passing day.

Follow these tips and make your corporate life extraordinary!

How did you manage your transition phase, share and let us know!