Five companies that are hiring this year

Five companies that are hiring this year


The Indian professional job market has improved since the start of this year, with 59 per cent of Indian companies currently recruiting at senior level, up 19 per cent over the beginning of the year, according to multi-national recruitment firm Antal International’s Antal Global Snapshot’ survey.

The percentage of Indian companies recruiting at managerial and professional level has increased by 19 per cent and now stands at 59 per cent. This is a real improvement on the 43 per cent of companies that were expecting to hire in the previous survey. This optimism is predicted to continue, with 65 per cent intending to hire at this level within the next three months, according to the survey.

A look at companies that are hiring in 2013:

  1. Reliance Jio to hire about 7,000 employees
  2. Hinduja Global Solutions to hire 2000 people
  3. TCS plans to engage 4,000 IT professional
  4. Himalaya Drug to ramp up workforce
  5. Hexaware to ramp up US presence