7 Tips to Get Noticed at Work

7 Tips to Get Noticed at Work

Know about the 7 simple steps that will make you a person who is liked by all in office.

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Don’t you want to be someone who is Liked By All? We feel motivated and positive when people like talking to us whether it’s school, college, home or office. A likable person also has a higher degree of job satisfaction and career growth. Some time back we did a blog on things to avoid doing at your workplace if you want to be a ‘likable’ employee! Today, let’s look at some of the tips that will surely increase your visibility at work.

1. Be polite and respect everyone:Resspect

It is very important for you to treat your juniors and colleagues in the same way you treat your seniors. Be polite and respect them. Respect is a two-way street. If you want to get it you’ve got to give it.

2. Call people by their names:

People feel important if they see that you remember their names. And, who doesn’t like importance? Walk an extra step to remember the name of your team members and colleagues. It is always better to say, “Hey Rosie! Can you send me the report by the end of the day?” instead of, “Hey you! Send me the report by the end of the day?” or, “Good morning Daniel! Can we have breakfast together?” It automatically makes the other person think positively about you.

3. Be ready to help and ask for help when needed:

Giving and asking for help is how you succeed in business. You will not be any less of a person if you walk up to your colleague and say, “John, please help me understand this report.” If someone seeks assistance from you, go ahead and help them as much as you can. There can be situations when you are occupied with too much of work that you cannot help them at that particular instance. In those cases, you can always say, “I am really sorry, but as soon as I am done with the thing at hand I will definitely help you.” This helps to make strong bonds with people and you become more likable.

4. Be optimistic:

Try to be as positive as possible. This not only will make you a likable person but would also help you in your career growth. People always prefer to be surrounded by ones who give positive vibes. Your peers, seniors, and juniors will always walk up to you if you have positive things to say that keeps them motivated. So, the next time you feel irritated and frustrated with your job or life, instead of making that gloomy face, just go out, get some fresh air or a cup of coffee and come back with that infectious smile of yours.

5. Listen:

A good listener is liked by everyone (clients, customers, colleagues, friends, family and bosses) Talk less and listen more. If you know that your co-worker loves football then ask him about the yesterday’s match, this way he will get a chance to speak. And, he will also get an impression that you are concerned about him. You can also ask your co-worker about the tooth ache he mentioned some time back. This will make the other person feel that you listen carefully to whatever he says.

6. Show your interest:

You need to show your co-workers that you genuinely care for them. For example: If your colleague has a picture of his dog at his desk, you can ask him about how his dog is doing. Even better, ask him about his plans of celebrating his parents anniversary next week.

7. Smile:

Use your smile to change the atmosphere around you. Wishing your seniors, juniors, and peers good morning with a smile does it all. Plus, a smile also makes you attractive, uplifts your mood and keeps you positive.

Try these simple tricks and become someone who is liked by all in the organization. Do you have any tips to share?