5 powerful TED Talks to help you find the right career path

5 powerful TED Talks to help you find the right career path


These TED Talks from some inspiring people from across the world definitely deserve your attention as you go on your way to find the right career path for yourself. Don’t miss these out –

1. Scott Dinsmore – How to find work you love

In a simple, inspiring talk, Scott tells us the importance of finding what we love and then working on it to achieve the best results in life

2. Cameron Herald – Let’s raise kids to be entrepreneurs

This talk is a must-watch for all families who fail to support the entrepreneurial thinking of their children. He makes a strong case for children to be given the freedom to pursue their entrepreneurial instincts.

3. Regina Hartley – Why the best hire might not have the perfect resume

Human resource professional Regina Hartley talks about why hiring a candidate with the perfect resume might not always be the best idea for organisations. She talks about the importance of giving a chance to candidates with determination, passion and purpose.

4. Dr Ivan Joseph – The skill of self confidence

Dr Ivan, Head coach of the soccer team at Ryerson University shares why self confidence is the most important skill in not just athletics but even our daily lives to help us grow professionally and on a personal level.

5. Chip Conley – Measuring what makes life worthwhile

Hotelier Chip Conley shares his journey of finding ‘happiness’ and looking for answers in the simple joys of life. This talk is sure to change your perception about success and where you want to see yourself in life.


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