5 Amazing jobs for wine lovers

5 Amazing jobs for wine lovers


A good palate, a great nose and a passion for wine. Yes, you guessed it right! The three key ingredients required to excel in the wine industry. Last week we discussed about career options for food lovers, today let’s focus on 5 amazing jobs for wine lovers.

1.Winemaker or vintner: This is among some of the jobs in the wine industry that can be lucrative. Vintners make wine, working closely with other vineyard professionals who are responsible for growing the grapes. The job of a wine-maker is not that easy, they have to make various decisions right from the harvesting to the maturing of grapes. If you are ready to take up this career option then also be prepared to put in a 40 hour work week. Wine makers are usually over burdened with work during the harvest time.

Vintners learn winemaking on the job or through programs in viticulture, grape cultivation and enology- science of wine making. Although a formal education or training might not be required for all positions, some employers might look for winemakers with previous experience and a bachelor’s degree in a field of viticulture, enology or food science. Certain colleges that you may consider if you wish to become a winemaker:- a)Grape Processing and Research Institute, Palus, Sangli b)Gargi Agriculture Research And Training Institute (GARTI), Nashik

2.Wine-shop owner: If you love wine and possess entrepreneurial spirits then you may consider opening your own wine shop. You can be your own boss this way and do the thing that you love. All that you would be required to do is plenty of research. Normally, wine shops offer tastings and classes to make people aware of the different kind of wines and to your business. This can be a risky thing to do. Think before you step into it.

3. Sommelier: As the expert wine tasters say that the ability to taste wine can be learnt, all that you need is love and passion for wine. This career option is only suitable for wine lovers, people who love to interact and someone who is interested in hospitality sector. If you think you possess all three then there is nothing to look back. Your job would revolve around learning how to properly store and care for the wine bottles for maximum flavor and longevity. Depending on your skills and experience, you can join the wine trade and work in wine production, in the import and export of wine, consulting and advising, wine education, training and so on.

Frequent travelling and long work hours is the part of a sommelier’s job. You need to have an excellent communication and listening skills in order to understand your customer’s requirements. Though the industry is growing hence jobs for freshers in this area is tough and competitive if you don’t have a bachelor’s degree in this domain. In order to become a certified wine taster you need to clear the sommelier exam. The Wine and Spirit Education Trust (WSET) in UK is the world’s best wine school for wine professionals. There are approved institutions in India also offering these courses:- a)Vincrest India, Delhi b)Manipal University, Karnataka c) KBR School of Wine, Mumbai d)Tulleeho Portals Pvt. Ltd. e)United Spirits Ltd

4.Cellar Manager: Once the wine is made, cellar manager along with the team look after the wine. As a cellar manager you need to be precise with the conditions in which the wine is stored and take regular and daily tastings. You would be working closely with the vintner to make sure everything is aligned properly. You will also have some employees under you. Good option if you wish to have a job that revolves around this industry but does not involve much travelling.

5.Wine tour guide: If you are an extrovert, traveler, wine lover and want to spread your knowledge of wine and wine stores to people then this is your calling. You can get your our guide’s license and show people, tourists or groups different wineries for tastings. Or, you can work for a particular winery that offers tours for wine lovers. You need to travel a lot in this job so be prepared before stepping into it. Plus you also need to know A to Z of wine making so that you can explain others efficiently.