‘AMCAT test a must if you’re looking for a career in a...

‘AMCAT test a must if you’re looking for a career in a good company’

Tomar always wanted to 'exercise his coding bones'. Find out how our AMCAT achiever landed a job allowing him to do just that after the AMCAT test.

Rohit Tomar, one of our AMCAT achievers talks about failing hard to succeed.
Rohit Tomar, one of our AMCAT achievers talks about failing hard to succeed.

Are you a tinkerer, driven by a relentless drive to outdo yourself? To find cause and purpose in just the basics – then maybe, you can find something in common with our AMCAT achiever of the day, Rohit Tomar.

Tomar always wanted to ‘exercise his coding bones’. ” I love to do coding – starting from the school level. So I made it my profession.”

Meet Rohit Tomar, a 2015 batch engineering graduate, who completed his course from the Guru Tegh Bahadur Institute of Technology, before he began his job search. And what does he wish to do, apart from coding?

“The urge to learn more at every point in my career is my only goal.”

Why the AMCAT test?

“Currently, I am an iOS developer at Quovantis technologies. I got this opportunity through the AMCAT test.”

However, we are jumping ahead on his tale – what happened after his graduation and led him to the point of giving the AMCAT test. Let’s hear from Tomar himself.

“In my initial days for (campus) placement. I lacked practice in aptitude exercises. I also lacked some technical aspects which companies look for. But with time I got to know that with every failure, you have learned something new. And with every company interview, even if you fail, you raise your standards. So I kept on giving interviews.”

And then came the AMCAT test.

“AMCAT was really a turning point in my life. When I took AMCAT for the first time, I wasn’t prepared and I got a low score. But it was like an eye opener test for me. I came to know all the areas where I lacked and it gave a very detailed report of mine and gave guidelines where exactly I lacked.”

And what happened after that?

“AMCAT gives you a lot of opportunities in so many leading companies. I am currently working in a great company where I can learn so much and grow to my expectations. It’s all because of AMCAT.”

Would he recommend it other job seekers?

“Definitely..!! Everyone should take it. As it is really a great eye opener that where you stand. And you can really test yourself. Moreover, many companies include AMCAT platform as their recruiting procedure. In fact, they shortlist students through the AMCAT test. It has tied up with so many leading companies. It keeps on filling your mail with so many job opportunities every day. So, AMCAT is must if you are looking for your career in a good company.”

Thanks, Rohit. Would you like to help with any other tips you would have for those still on their own job search? “I would suggest start working on your aptitude skills, 2-3 months ahead of your placement session“, he said. “Also, keep on working on your technical aspects. If you get rejections in starting, stay calm because that is even better. The more you will fail the better you will get and the best company you will land with eventually.”