Hard Work, Focus, Commitment: The Dangal Way

Hard Work, Focus, Commitment: The Dangal Way

Waiting for a chance down the carpeted aisles to watch it at a theatre, we have compiled the best take-home career advice from the Aamir Khan starrer, Dangal.

Aim high to win. A lesson from Aamir Khan starrer Dangal.
Aim high to win. A lesson from Aamir Khan starrer Dangal.
Aim high to win. A lesson from Aamir Khan starrer Dangal.
Aim high to win. A lesson from Aamir Khan starrer Dangal.

Misalein Di Jaati Hain, Boli Nahin’, he says in a low rumble, measured to deliver a ‘Dhobi Pachad’ like impact onto the listener. Listening to this career advice intently, she goes on to orchestrate a win that few expected and bring home a coveted Indian gold.

Goosebumps, strained ears and a fever-pitch excitement is the consistent with the mood that has built up for Aamir Khan starrer- Dangal, which has released across the country. It has it all – brilliant displays of character from both the veteran perfectionist to the hard-working newcomers; a gold-lined real story, patriotic spirit and sports fervour. And a connect to an age-old sport: Wrestling or Pehelwani, which descends from the traditions of Malla-Yuddha.

Demonetisation or not – Dangal, the story of the Phogats and their relentless pursuit for a Gold for India, is anointed in enough holy dust to bring back a celebratory mood to India and offer a good year-end package. And, as we wait for our own chance down the carpeted aisles to watch it at a theatre next door, we have compiled the best take-home for our youth from the film.

Lessons that Dangal brings home:

Nurture your skills, talents:

Become a medalist, hone your talents.

Dreams are achievable – provided you have been able to give the right fodder to your strengths. Most students often miss out on the chances towards their dream career, because they have either no idea of their own potential or have not been able to nuture their skills the right way.

On a larger level, most college students in India are not considered job ready (as per the figures highlighted by our 2016 National Employability Report), because their courses do not match industry requirements, they have not had a chance to interact with industry peers or gain industry insights that come with a high-value internship.

No Bars on Good Talent:  

Talent has no bar - provided you are able to assess yourself right with the AMCAT test.

Once you have been able to assess your true strengths and have begun work on improving them, then nothing can pull you down – be it societal expectations, age biases, lack of industry experience, a Tier 2 background. Even patriarchal structures, which limit high-value opportunities to boys vs. girls, fail to shackle an enlightened and aware student.

Trailblazers are their own examples:

Become a trailblazer with an AMCAT opportunity.

So, your workplace has not been great, or you have been trying and trying hard for your dream job, but haven’t been able to nab it. A hard reality of life is that it is only those who achieve their ends, who maintain a single-minded focus and work towards honing their abilities, who are remembered – no one else.

And these trailblazers never tell of their woes – instead, they use every challenge, as a motivation to move ahead. In fact, we recently did a piece on how important it is to break your comfort zone in this regard.

Live like you’ve made it:

Live your dream from the first day and then you will make it.

Aspiring to be a manager – then think like one. Believe you’ve done it through each and every interaction, project or assignment that comes your way. Give it your best and then go further – look for learning opportunities, co-ordinate with all resources, devote optimum time and effort to everything and keep an eye out for future chances. This is what highly successful people do.

Work habits – dressing to work like one, maintaining work timings and no slacking on the job, will also elevate you in your employer’s eyes.

Maintain your focus:


Yes, there are tough days – moments, when you feel unsure of yourself or don’t know how to move ahead. Or are simply too tired. It’s during these times when you are really tested by the fates. Don’t slack – or take it easy, instead maintain your focus amid it all. In the long run, you won’t regret it.

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