AMCAT Employability Dialogue: Jobs & Employability at Web Starts-Ups

AMCAT Employability Dialogue: Jobs & Employability at Web Starts-Ups


Ever wanted to ask an interviewer some questions, but never got a chance?

Here’s an exciting opportunity to directly interact with an industry expert and understand the hiring process from their perspective. Get to know their expectations and find answers to all the unanswered questions in your mind!

To register for the chat session visit

The key benefits of ‘AMCAT Employabilibility Dialogue’ are:

  1. Ask questions related to placements, career guidance, interview tips, etc.
  2. Commit to an easy 1 hour session with HR Professionals across the industry sitting right at your home/college
  3. Clear your doubts about the industry, job profiles and career prospects in the domain of your interest
  4. Seek employer’s view on the qualities they look for in an ideal candidate


Simply login to your account on on the above mentioned date & time, click on “AMCAT Employability Dialogue” tab and start asking your questions.

Terms & Conditions:

  • Students registered on can only join the chat. If you are not already registered on, you can register for free and join the chat.
  • Our moderators will screen the questions, choose the best ones and pass them to our guests to answer.
  • Anyone using offensive/abusive language shall be banned immediately and will not be able to join again.