AMCAT Employability Dialogue – 5th Sept 2013

AMCAT Employability Dialogue – 5th Sept 2013


AMCAT conducted its first “Employability Dialogue’ on 5th Sept 2013 and Ms. Nupur Jain, HR Manager, Wingify was our guest of the day. The students got this excellent opportunity to directly interact with Ms. Nupur and took very useful tips/suggestions. They also got to know what industry expects from the candidates and how they can increase their employability in current day scenario.

You can read the complete transcript below:


Moderator : Welcome to ‘AMCAT Employability Dialogue’ with Ms. Nupur Jain, HR Manager, Wingify. Today’s topic is Jobs & Employability at Web Start-Ups. Ms. Nupur will join us by 4 PM. Meanwhile, you can ask questions related to the topic which will be moderated and sent to our guest to answer.

Moderator : We have the first question of the evening by Deepak


Deepak : What do you expect from a candidate while hiring for your company?

Answer : So we want our people to be extremely passionate about life and work with an entrepreneurial bent of mind. Technology and Data drive us, so these are the other two competencies we hire for.

 : what do the interviewers really expect from us? a)communication skills b)subject knowledge c)presentation skills

Answer: Communication Skills is the hygiene, it isn’t trainable so yes communication skills is the qualifying criteria to get into the interview process. Both subject knowledge and presentation skills are easy to pick, so it is good to have but not a mandate.


Pratik : In Start-up culture during hiring process what you prefer? Passionate person or Technical Strong person?

Answer : Both


Deepak : What are the pros and cons of working in a start-up company?

Answer : The impact you make on business is huge, so you grow and learn exceptionally. Flip side is, you can fail miserably in a startup if you aren’t driven and cannot work independently without directions.


Neha : If we have all the abilities like we are good at communication skills, coding skills and then we are not getting selected? What is that we are lacking at?

Answer : It could be anything, cultural fitment or say potential to learn new computer languages.


Modalavalasa : Why do companies arrange ‘case study’ as a part of recruitment process?

Answer : To understand how an individual approaches a problem at hand. Logical thinking and analytical skills both can be gauged looking at the solutions to a case study.


Neha : What do you mean by technology and data drive us?

Answer : We are an A/B testing company, so everything in the company is backed by numbers and not opinions. Technology orientation is important by virtue of the industry we operate in.


Harshit : Those who have technical skills in some specific areas, are they given more importance??

Answer : No

Shaik : What role do Academic grades play in the recruitment procedure?

Answer : Academic grades aren’t important for us.


Amit : How is Wingify different from other technical start-ups?

Answer : We are an awesome team and want to make a huge impact on the technology industry globally. Our culture is one of accountability and responsibility so we don’t punch attendance or mark leaves that employees take.


Ankit : what you basically mean by cultural fitment ?

Answer : Culture is the values we live every day. Ethics, integrity, sportsmanship, judgment are some of the values we live every day at Wingify.


Harshit : If the company is not hiring in large no’s and many persons have the same skills as we have, what x factor type of thing can help us to get selected?

Answer : Exceptional Communication Skills both written and oral is the most important qualifying criteria.


Shaik : What are the chances of a person with moderate technical skills and extra ordinary communication skills to get selected?

Answer : Very high chances of getting into our Technical Support team or the Sales/Marketing team.


Pratik : You have huge competitors like Google. How is Wingify better than them?

Answer : Google isn’t our competitor. They provide a free low value tool that rarely takes away business from us. We are one of the leading companies in our space.


Pawan : When should one switch jobs?

Answer : When one stops making a difference to either the company or to one’s own learning curve.


Mavilla : In start-up’s work pressure will be more and learning will be high. Is this true?

Answer : Yes and No. Depends on the individual. It can be quite exciting.


Pawan : What are the parameters on which one should prepare for interviews?

Answer : Depends on what role one wants to get into. A research role will require a completely different skill set to a sales role.


Pratik : Do you provide support to your employees for learning new technologies?

Answer : So depends if you have the potential to learn.


Pooja : How do you think fresh IT graduates can get a career break in the current no-job situation?

Answer : Start taking up projects and internship assignments even before you are available for full time employment. That helps a great deal.


Pratik : How big is Wingify now? What are your predictions on its growth?

Answer : We are multi million in revenues right now and are growing at a very high rate year on year


Pooja : For a fresher B.Tech student like me, which type of company would be more beneficial – A start-up or a MNC?

Answer : An MNC. The reason is an MNC has a very structured process of training fresh graduates. I have worked for HCL and Canon prior to joining Wingify and I know how both these worlds are different.


Shaik : Two persons A have done Internship and B has not. Does it make any difference in Priority?

Answer : No.


Pratik : The person who has done projects for himself is also considered as experience? Like some public dedicated websites, opensource software development?

Answer : Yes.


Pooja : What perks can small organizations give to their employees to keep them motivated, keeping in mind they have limited budget?

Answer : We don’t have any budgetary constraints, we pay at par with the best software companies like Google and Microsoft.


Pratik : What are your views on current market job scenario? MNC’s are limited. So, what we should prefer at this point of time?

Answer : Give every opportunity that comes your way the best shot. The secret is to keep learning, one’s you start you will one day get into your dream company.


Moderator : Now, we would request Ms. Nupur to share her closing comments and give some last minute tips to job seekers!


Ms. Nupur Jain (Wingify) : So take your career as a journey, focus on learning at every stage, ask yourself if you are happy doing what you do. After all we all work to live and not otherwise. Good luck to you all.


Moderator : Thank you everyone for joining this session. We hope that this session was useful for you. We also thank Ms. Nupur Jain for taking time out of her busy schedule & joining us in this session. Have a nice day!