How AMCAT Helped In Getting A Satisfactory Job – In Conversation With...

How AMCAT Helped In Getting A Satisfactory Job – In Conversation With Rachit


AMCAT is one-stop solution for all your problems related to finding a suitable job, especially if you are a fresher, Rachit claimed one of our candidates who shared his success story with us recently. He told us about his journey, right from the beginning where he got introduced to AMCAT till the step where he got the suitable job that matched appropriately with his criteria.

Are you interested in knowing more about his story? Let us take you through his complete journey.

So Rachit, tell us why did you opt for AMCAT?

Rachit told us that his college introduced him to AMCAT. I opted for the same to get better opportunities.

Did you face any difficulties while looking for a job?

“Yes, the main issue was that my resume wasn’t getting selected at most jobs. I can clear any test thrown at me, but not having the option to give one was a let-down for me,” claimed Rachit.

Tell us about the job you got through AMCAT.

“I applied in Loyalty Juggernaut, where I had 1 coding test, 2 technical interview rounds, and 1 meeting with the CTO before joining. After all the rounds got selected as a Product Engineer in the backend.”

Would you recommend AMCAT to others based on your placement? If yes, why?

“Yes, I’ll recommend AMCAT to others. Because in the time when I had lost hope, it was AMCAT that came to my rescue. I would not have gotten this job without AMCAT. The offers are very good here.”

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