Qualities that an employer looks for while hiring you

Qualities that an employer looks for while hiring you


When you apply for a job and appear for an interview, it isn’t always your qualifications and truck load of degrees and certificates that will land you up with a good job. There are many other factors which attribute to you getting hired, which may include your communication skills, your confidence, your leadership qualities, your determination and the like.

There is no point of a first class degree, if you cannot present yourself in front of people. You might be one of the most studious student in your college, but if you don’t have the confidence to explain your purpose for opting for a job or are too shy to converse with your prospective co-workers, the companies with think thrice before even keeping you as a trainee.

We bring before you the top 7 qualities, which the employer looks for in a suitable employee:

Are you the best?

It is important for you to justify your qualifications for the applied role. This answer should be equipped with supportive achievements and goals acquired. Please keep in mind that there would be many other candidates with similar qualifications and expertise but you need to prove your worth with challenges you have overcome and solved. You have to prove what makes you different from the others and that why should you be given a preference over others.

Are you a future leader ?

Every company would like to invest in a person who has a vision and can deliver the same with appropriate planning. Hence, most of the companies look forward to a candidate who possesses the quality of being a future manager. Your answer should carry crystal clear approach and management skills. The companies look for potential team members who can be groomed and can be advanced to the next level.

How well do you know yourself?

This question has been asked every time in interviews but this does not mean that your form has not submitted the information about you in a detailed manner. It only means that they would like to see that how organised and concise you are in approach when you describe yourself. So an ideal candidate should always keep the answer very crisp and healthy to cover every corner of his/her personality.

Education elevates

We all have basic qualification criteria for every role or position. The major expectation of any company is candidate’s education background and how it will help in achievement.


When we join any company, we all are assigned a common task or work with a set of people with whom we develop our understanding. The best candidate would be the one who always believes in teamwork and in being a  team player. “We can” is always better than “I can”, as this creates a positive environment and increases the chances of getting hired.

Dealing with your reporting manager

This theory does not convince you to say “Yes Sir” all the time. You are also required to put forward your views, suggestions and inputs.This demands you to respond rather than simply reacting to situations. To handle compliance in smooth manner, your immediate boss helps you groom you as a better professional. The ideal candidate should always keep in mind to prove “What is right” instead of “Who is right.”.

Check on SWOT analysis

The candidates making SWOT analysis on regular basis are more refined in job search as they are aware of their strengths and weaknesses. Detecting problems and taking corrective measures shapes one up as the best professional.

(Article originally appeared on intoday.in)