Get started with writing a successful cover letter

Get started with writing a successful cover letter


Here are some great tips to keep in mind when you’re writing your cover letter the next time –

Customize. Cover letters are always different, they change based on the job you apply to. You can keep the same format but remember to customize it every time. Your skill set for one job may not be relevant at another.

Keep it clear and concise. Avoid long run on sentences. It is easier for your reader and makes your cover letter look more organized. Also, make sure it reads professionally! Typos, grammar errors and misspelling someone’s name are huge no-no’s.

Summarize. Don’t give away all of yours cards immediately, leave some for the resume. For example, if you have 5 past jobs that would relate to this one, maybe mention the past 2 and leave the other 3 to be discovered in your resume.

One last helpful tip for a cover letter, the format.

Start off with your contact information and their contact information at the top of the page. Be sure to address them properly (Mr, Ms).
Following that, there are 3 sections, or paragraphs to the body of your cover letter:

  1. Who you are & what position you are applying for? Add to this section any other relevant information, like how you heard about the position.
  2. What skills & values you have that make you the perfect candidate, as well as any past experience that showcases this.
  3. Conclude – Mention that you have attached your resume, give specific details on contacting you and writing thank you for the opportunity and their consideration.

Then your signature .. and you’re done!

(Article originally appeared on Quora)