55 Powerful words to make your resume REALLY work!

55 Powerful words to make your resume REALLY work!


In today’s scenario your resume is the key ingredient you have to get yourself an interview. Including powerful words in your resume increases the chance of getting noticed. When the hiring manager is seeing the same kind of resume again and again the chance of getting your resume deleted becomes higher. Usage of cliche words and phrases should be eliminated to get a positive response. So, next time you build or update your resume make sure to engage your resume reader with impressive and lucid language that represents what you do and how and why you do it well.

Powerful resume words will help you stand out from the crowd and enhance your chances of getting hired!

So here is the list of 55 words that will make your resume eye-catchy and attention grabbing:

  1. Advanced
  2. Assigned
  3. Assessed
  4. Accelerated
  5. Attained
  6. Appraised
  7. Balanced
  8. Boosted
  9. Benefited
  10. Closed
  11. Collaborated
  12. Designed
  13. Delegated
  14. Demonstrated
  15. Developed
  16. Detected
  17. Efficient
  18. Enhanced
  19. Excelled
  20. Exceeded
  21. Enriched
  22. Fulfilled
  23. Financed
  24. Formulated
  25. Generated
  26. Guided
  27. Implemented
  28. Investigated
  29. Increased
  30. Initiated
  31. Influenced
  32. Integrated
  33. Innovated
  34. Maintained
  35. Mentored
  36. Observed
  37. Promoted
  38. Presented
  39. Programmed
  40. Provided
  41. Projected
  42. Qualified
  43. Quoted
  44. Recommended
  45. Retained
  46. Recovered
  47. Sustained
  48. Skilled
  49. Supported
  50. Secured
  51. Simplified
  52. Screened
  53. Segmented
  54. Streamlined
  55. Triumphed

Usage of these words will make your resume incredibly powerful and will increase the possibility of getting a job!


  1. When we are updating resume, its important to make accomplishments stand out by using words that are powerful and descriptive rather than stale and cliched. Resume power words are important, and here you have shared a great list of powerful words that will make resume really work. Thanks for sharing such great list of words!