5 things to do if you’re still looking for a job

5 things to do if you’re still looking for a job


If you’ve graduated 3 months back and still looking for a job, not doing anything during this time can only worsen your chances of a good job in future. You might be feeling depressed or tired due to no response on your resume but don’t sit around and wait to hear from an employer. Most recruiters nowadays find the ‘real world experience’ missing in young graduates so use this time wisely to strengthen your chances of securing that job. We tell you a few things you can do if you’re still looking for a job –


1. Learn a new skill – Learning can never do any harm so the more you can learn, the better. Use this time to understand the skills in demand and try to gain more technical knowledge. This will not only make you more job ready but also show you are serious about your career. Take advantage of various free resources online, including tutorials etc.

2. Freelance – A lot of students think freelancing isn’t the best option but it is a great way to boost your skills, resume, confidence and don’t forget some income 🙂 If you have a passion for photography, programming or writing is your forte then take up freelance projects. This will add value to your resume and also build a great portfolio to show your potential employer.

3. Use the power of LinkedIn – LinkedIn, is an excellent tool for job seekers, both freshers and experienced professionals. You should reach out to your connections and immediately connect with people who are influential in your network. Ask your friends who are in a job to connect you with their contacts or connect with professionals who are alumni of your school. Expanding your network will make you more visible and give access to more opportunities.

4. Find an internship – If you are struggling to find a full-time job, don’t be afraid to take an internship to fill in the gap. Waiting for the right job might be taking longer than you expected, but it is better than to just sit around doing nothing. Internships can be very useful in understanding what employers want and what kind of responsibilities you will have in that role. Many recruiters nowadays also give full time offers to interns so don’t hesitate to take up an internship. It might give you the foot-in-the-door you need to enter the company you have applied to.

5. Follow up with your employer – If you go on an interview, always ensure to follow up with the hiring manager with a thank you note. If you don’t hear from them within the timelines they indicted, follow up with a polite email to know if there is positive response to your interview. Be careful that you do not flood the employer with daily emails about the position and response as that can be annoying.

In addition to building an effective resume and an active job search, these few things can help increase and improve your chances of securing a full-time job.