Why data science for kids?

Why data science for kids?


How surprised will you be to know that students in 5th-9th grade can quite easily pick up key concepts of data science? Well, it is true. 🙂

With the amount of data around us growing, data scientists will increasingly be in demand in the modern day job market. In such a scenario, the data science camp for kids is a unique initiative driven towards giving kids an early exposure to the concepts of data science. The idea is to ready the next generation of innovators who can learn to adopt a data driven approach to finding answers and decision making which will also benefit them in their day-to-day lives. While plenty of professionals are opting for full/part time courses in data science, it will be fruitful to build this skill set at an early age to inspire and motivate them towards the next phase.

Though this initiative has started out only last year, it has already created a loyal community within the country. The camps organised at New Delhi, Pune and Bangalore received a tremendous response and it is encouraging to see that we now have an international audience take interest.

A group of graduate students in computer science from UIUC expressed their interest in organizing this session as part of SAIL, UIUC’s program to encourage high school kids in the area to get to know about undergraduate and graduate opportunities in computer science. The camps are also gathering interest from other parts of the globe for students keen to try to out the exercises.

Find out more on what the students learnt at the session – http://www.datasciencekids.org/p/home-page.html

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