Tips to effectively prepare for exams at the last minute

Tips to effectively prepare for exams at the last minute


Pulling all-nighters with anxiety levels increasing by the minute? We’ll exams are an unnerving task for everyone. Despite this, most students end up covering a majority of their syllabus in the last few days before the exam. We tell you a few tips to effectively sort your last minute preparation while you continue to remind yourself each semester to study hard!

  • Do not try to read through entire chapters. Quickly breeze through summaries and create bullet points of key information. Focus on highlighted points and headings for easy recall. Revise content smartly and go through only important sections of the notes, diagrams, figures and tables etc. to get your basics right.
  • Time yourself. Do not take more than ten minutes for every topic. You might constantly feel you’ve forgotten most of the syllabus but that’s just the nervousness talking. Resist the urge to re-read everything and keep a tab of the time.
  • Practice or read though previous year’s question paper. This will give you an idea on the kind of questions expected and which topics are important. If you have enough time, then try to attempt a mock question paper like a real one so that you can work on your speed too, if needed.
  • Sleep. This is one of the most important yet frequently overlooked advice. Our mind needs to be well rested to be able to function the best. Try to get at least six to hours of sleep before the exam so that you can wake up with a fresh mind. With only a few hours of sleep, your mind will be exhausted making it even more difficult to concentrate during the exam.
  • Eat a healthy diet. Avoid late night coffees or unhealthy munching as it will add to your anxiety. Eat proper meals throughout the day. If you still feel the urge to snack at night, pick up fresh fruits instead of a bag of chips.
  • Take regular breaks. Studying at a stretch for a long duration will not yield good results. You will not be able to retain what you’re learning if your mind is overworked. Take short 10 minute breaks every few hours. Listen to some music or take a stroll to refresh yourself for the next few hours of studying.

Be confident and stay positive while you keep these tips in mind to ace your exam preparation. Good luck!!